Getting It Right, Teton Valley Idaho

In your online job search today, you can’t say there is a lack of information out there on how to write the best resume, how to land your next best job in today’s tough economy, and as far as the job boards go, wouldn’t you say that there are now more than too many to choose from? If you are in a mountain job search, though, your challenging quest for information may just be more along the lines of, “if I’m living in a city like NYC or Chicago, what is it going to be like living in a place like Teton Valley, Idaho?”

Moving to a ski town, a resort town or deciding whether or not to stay put in the mountains for the long haul will tend to bring up various questions such as, “Do I really want this as a long term lifestyle, what am I giving up by doing this? What am I gaining? What is the cost/benefit and do people really stay there long term?” The lifestyle is as important a factor as the job search to consider, whether in a good economy or not. This is why in my eyes a mountain job board without the lifestyle aspect wouldn’t make much sense, the two go hand in hand.

Do you (really) want to live in a small mountain town?

Maybe you are just not sure. So a good place to start then would be with the people. They are truly what makes these towns tick. I try to always highlight locals and their mountain lives whenever possible giving you greater insight into these communities. Scouring the web this week, I found this great piece on The Cosmic Apple, an organic farm in Victor, Teton Valley, Idaho.

Take a look at Live to Farm, these photos (click on each one to see and read more) speak for themselves, simply beautiful.

And if I haven’t said this before, I love Teton Valley, Idaho.

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