Outdoor Education Jobs, Site Director, Big Bear California

Newly posted, here is a great manager level outdoor education job for those of you with strong leadership skills and management expertise. Check out this Site Director position located in Big Bear City, California!

Site Director for the High Trails Outdoor Science School Administration department for the 09/10 school year.

A little more about the position and the Outdoor Science School from the High Trails website ….

Candidates should have experience in outdoor education, a savvy business sense, a healthy sense of humor, and the capability to actively lead, manage and pretty much run a residential outdoor education site with 25 staff and 4500 students.

Site Directors provide the vision, leadership and inspiration that make our program the great experience it can be. The three most important qualities of a Site Director: powerful leadership skills, wicked organizational skills, and the ability to work independently.

This is a real, full time full year position with health insurance, nice housing, tasty food during program, an introductory salary of $24k a year and a bonus program that can amount to upwards of 20% of what you make in a year.

During the school year, High Trails is home to thousands of Southern California elementary students who come and stay a week with us, learning about nature, communities, and themselves. From Adventure Courses and Teambuilding to Plant Study and Astronomy, we do Outdoor Education in style!

The magic and power of outdoor education comes not from the site or the program, but from the people that make everything happen, the Instructors. These are the people that embody the spirit of High Trails and turn a child’s stay here into an incredible memory. These people are Our Staff.

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  1. 13 Binniehill Rd

    phone:01236 737139


    My name is Calum Steel, I was wondering of any job opportunities for 2009 2010 in your resort I am based in Scotland but I’m looking to work abroad I have a number of qualification in the outdoors including a HND Diploma in outdoor sports Coaching with Development from NORTH GLASGOW COLLEGE.


    Basi 2 Snowboard
    Alpine Ski Leader
    ASSi Ski Instructor

    UKCC Level 3 Trained Generic
    UKCC level 2 Assessed
    Trail Cycle Leader Trained
    new 4 in Inland
    3 in surf and Canoe
    Driving Licence with pass +
    Good Practice And Child Protection

    and more on request

    Coaching experience

    Two Years coaching experience with North Glasgow College learning how to plan deliver evaluate and progress sessions in a number of outdoor sports. 2 summer seasons working for Alba Adventure and Horizon Adventure working as a senior kayak instructor as well as a multi activity instructor. Set up and run a kayak club in glasgow with two other friends, for local community. I have worked two ski seasons In Cairngorm Mountain Range working as a ski and snowboard instructor, I have also worked at dry slopes Including Glasgow Ski Centre and Glenmore loadge.

    I am an outgoing hardworking person who is fun and enjoyable to be around.

    Yours Faithfully

    Calum Steel

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