Mountains, Space, Landscape – The Power Of Place

If you are a sensitive soul as I like to consider myself, one who is deeply affected by your surroundings, you are already well aware of the incredible power that our natural surroundings can have on our day to day life.

The mountains for me are so very grounding and spiritual, and I love coming across the writings of mountain dwellers who have also been powerfully affected by their “place”. Reading New Mexico Tears, I thought how wonderfully he captured the power of place (and space). The writer lives in New Mexico in the beautiful little mountain town of Taos.

“The power of the space…” Lord, yes! The SPACE, that which makes you aware of the Whole. And why wouldn’t anyone be moved by being reminded of that? It’s stupendously spiritual, because it breaks you open and frees the heart.

Some of us are even fatally addicted, and I for one shall never recover.

Thoughts put into words so perfectly and I can certainly relate. Although yoga now comes in a close second, adding a whole new dimension to my life, I would still have to say that nothing has yet to compare to the glorious Tetons and their profound affect. Sometimes I can feel them speaking to me even when I am not actually there.

Physically there or not, It can be so nice to find your special place.

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