App Entrepreneur: Top Five Android Apps for Business

Top Five Android Apps for BusinessRunning a business can be complicated. From handling financial records to communicating with workers, it seems there is an endless amount of tasks that must be maintained to make sure a business makes a profit. Through advancements in today’s technology, however, business operations can be carried out much easier than they used to be. Let’s take a close look at five great Android apps every business needs to take advantage of.


App #1: Doing Slideshows


Scatterslides is an excellent app for those who regularly carry out slideshows. With this convenient app, a user can easily run all aspects of a slideshow via his or her Android phone. From moving slides from one to the next, a user’s phone acts as a remote. Those who are looking to use this app will be delighted to know it works with both OpenOffice and Microsoft PowerPoint files.


App #2: Bumping Business Cards


Through the Bump app, Android has made it possible to swap business cards through the literal “bump” of two smartphones. Bumping can also take place on on a device that is operating on an iPad SIM card. From contact info to pictures and more, there is much that can be included on a business card that can be easily transferred to another person. This app is great for those who are looking to rid their selves of the traditional paper business cards.


App #3: Viewing Documents On the Go


With the Documents to Go app, Android users can do exactly as the app name suggests: they can view documents no matter where they are via their phones. In addition to viewing them, users also have the option to edit. Not only does the app work with Microsoft Word docs, but also Excel, PowerPoint and even PDF files.


App #4: Viewing Documents in the Google Cloud


For companies that prefer to keep their documents in the Google Doc Cloud, the GDocs app is a must have. Depending on the preference of a user, he or she can simply view the documents using the app or download them, which enables editing.


App #5: Making and Receiving Calls


Google Voice is one of the most revolutionary Android apps available. Business professionals will especially like this app because it allows them to integrate all of their numbers into one, ringing all or different phones at the same time.

Businesses need to keep in mind that being successful requires lots of hard work; however, with the help of useful Android apps, life can be a bit simpler.

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