Five Ideas For Utilizing Outside Resources For Customer Service


Customer service is one of the most important areas of any company. Good customer service increases revenue, builds loyalty and boosts lifetime values. Some businesses can benefit from integrating outside resources into a current service department, while others may look to outsource all or most of it. Here are five outside resources that can help to improve customer service efforts.




Local Live Help



Businesses can partner with services in specific areas in order to provide live local help for customers. Customers who have made a purchase and who are having trouble assembling or operating a product can receive a visit from a professional in the area. These professionals can be employees of related businesses with the correct technical knowledge to offer product support. This will help to provide customers with the feeling that they’ve been very well taken care of within their community.



Social Media Websites



Social media websites are an outside resource all businesses really ought to utilize for good customer service. Some customers could make complaints across social media. These can sometimes be resolved with a simple response across the same channel. Social media websites also improve customer service by providing an area where updates or information can be distributed to many customers at once.



Virtual Concierge Services



These services can provide a high level of support for customers. A connected service uses operators that will provide customer service in a way that is consistent with the company brand. Many of the services will even train representatives to answer more than just basic questions based on information provided by the company. This makes 24-hour customer service possible even for small businesses.



Text Messaging



Text messaging services are moving from personal communication outlets to formal business channels. Customer service representatives can use text messaging to provide responses or information to people in a non-intrusive way. The text message can be viewed at any time without interrupting work or other activities. Customers can also respond through a text message whenever it is convenient.



Online Survey Services



Online surveys provide information about customer service interactions and customer experiences. The surveys can be branded and sent as a link after a transaction. Surveys can identify customer service trends or common experiences that need to be addressed. Detailed online survey services can provide actionable information in a short amount of time that will improve customer service efforts.



Business owners should take the time to make sure all employees have a customer service focus. Customers will notice when a company has placed an emphasis on service. Businesses that do provide consistently excellent customer service tend to be more successful over time than companies that ignore service. Using outside resources can help many companies show a customer-oriented focus, and cover solving problems, too.



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