3 Practical Tips You’ll Need to Become a Mountain Guide

When it comes to what we do to earn a living, everyone’s idea of a dream job would be doing something they love and are passionate about. As a result different people have different ideal jobs; some prefer a 9-5 work life in an office while others prefer working outdoors for example. And if you love the outdoors one of the best ways of having a career there is by becoming a mountain guide. For those whom hiking, being surrounded by nature and sharing that with others appeals, here are 3 practical tips you’ll need in order to become a mountain guide:

A Love for the Great Outdoors

Many people love the outdoors and so for a vast majority working in nature would be a dream way to earn a living while enjoying their passion too. As a mountain guide you will get to work in some of the most beautiful natural environments as well as being able to share those wonders with others. No matter what you do the only greater joy than working in a job you love is when you’re able to share it as a positive experience with others.

Many people that work as mountain guides get to enjoy all the above perks as part of their job on a daily basis which is why it is ideal for those that love the great outdoors.

Learn To Ski

If you’re seriously thinking of going into a career as a Mountain Guide one other practical skill that will come in handy is skiing. As such if you’re an experienced skier then you’re all set, if not then getting some private ski lessons is one way you can get to learn this vital skill. This applies particularly if you’re going to working at ski resorts situated around mountain ranges that regularly receive large amounts of snow. Even then being a good skier can also come in handy on the rare occasion it does snow for those working in warmer climes.

Mountain guides require certification by national organisations with skiing and ice climbing being two of the required skills. 

Physical Fitness

Spending time in the great outdoors is a great way through which we can help to improve our health and fitness. As such, many people who enjoy spending time outdoors enjoy improved wellbeing while a more sedentary lifestyle could make regular mountain climbing that much more demanding. If you’re considering a job as a mountain guide then getting out there and exploring mountains not only improves your fitness it also means you start gaining experience for your future career.

Ultimately, as a mountain guide you’ll also need to enjoy working with people and be a good leader and even though it may take time and a bit more experience, it’s a very rewarding career choice. The benefits of working as a mountain guide are many; not only will you be getting paid for doing something you love, – you may also get to travel to different places as part of your work.

And so if you have a love of the outdoors, are looking to learn to ski or already know how to and have good physical fitness, then what could be better than working as a mountain guide?

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