3 Things to Know Before Moving Abroad for Resort Work

It is no secret that the USA boasts some of the most prestigious ski resorts in the world. Apart from travelers flocking from far and wide to indulge in the snow-capped magic of an American mountain town, ski resort jobs have become extremely sought-after among young-at-heart and adventurous individuals. While many high school and college graduates opt to work at some of the nation’s leading resorts such as Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge, others dream of spreading their wings and heading abroad to live and work at an esteemed ski resort in Europe.  Although dreaming big should be encouraged and there are countless benefits of international travel, it is important to be aware of a few things before bidding farewell to the USA.

You will need to prepare yourself for cultural differences

Upon your arrival abroad you will soon realize that there are, in fact, many notable cultural differences between the USA and Europe. While Europeans certainly love their own countries, their patriotism is not nearly as intense as what you would have become accustomed to in the USA. You will also find that religion and politics are not discussed with the same fervor as it was back home. Whether you are working at a ski resort in Switzerland, France, or Italy you will come into contact with people from all across Europe speaking different languages. German and French are two of the most commonly spoken languages in Europe (after Russia) and you may want to consider learning either (or both) before moving.

You will need money to return home as well

Apart from needing a buffer fund upon your arrival in Europe, you will also need to have money at your disposal for when you return home – either to visit or to resume life on American soil. As tempting as it may be to spend your entire salary on food, clothes, and your social life, it is important to save money as well to cover any future travel expenses you may have or to jumpstart a new chapter in your life. If you don’t manage to save any of your earning you may be necessitated to seek additional funding elsewhere. Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who travel back home, for example, apply for personal loans to cover not only their travel expenses but enables them to pay off debt and even help fund a family vacation as well. There are various financing options available and as long as you weigh up all your options and do some research you will be able to obtain funding from a reputable source.

Patience is a virtue

Moving overseas to work at a European ski resort is a big step and not one that can materialize overnight. Planning a move abroad takes time and rightly so. Apart from finalizing your work permits, flights, and ensuring your passport is up to date, you also need to take care of business at home. If you have any bills to settle it is recommended to do so before your departure. You might also want to sell your car (if you have one) and, depending on your current living arrangements, find a new tenant for your flat. The entire process of moving abroad typically takes anywhere between 3 and 6 months and it is essential that you give yourself enough time to plan your transition properly.  

Moving abroad to pursue your dream of working at a European resort is a bold and brave move. As long as you prepare yourself adequately and not leave anything to fate you are bound to both excel and be extremely happy in your new home. 

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