6 Unique Engineering Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Studying engineering opens doors to a range of different job opportunities. While some jobs in the petroleum and construction industries are pretty well known, others don’t get their fair share of attention. Armed with a mechanical engineering degree, you can search engineering jobs and find opportunities in industries that are vastly different. For instance, a qualified mechanical engineer can land a job working as a medical engineer developing medical equipment or choose to travel the world as a Formula 1 racing engineer, attending Grand Prix events. The opportunities truly are endless. To help you lock on to an engineering job you would love to do for the rest of your life, the following are 6 interesting engineering jobs that are high paying and interesting.

Online Privacy Engineer: The role of a privacy engineer is to find software solutions to implement a company’s privacy policy. Most major online players such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others have multiple job openings for privacy engineers. As the threat of hacking grows in the future, the role and opportunities in privacy engineering are only going to increase.

To land a job as a privacy engineer you need a BS in computer engineering with a diploma in privacy engineering. A CIPT certification is often mandatory along with strong software development skills.

Preservation Engineer: Preservation engineering is a branch of structural engineering and architecture. The job entails preserving and restoring the structural integrity of old heritage buildings. Preservation engineers often work to preserve a single building as restoring and maintaining certain buildings needs constant attention.

Special Effects Engineer: The role of a special effects engineer is to design mechanical and hydraulic systems necessary for practical special effects in movies and television shows. The job requires a degree in mechanical engineering with a diploma in mechanical FX. The fun aspect of the job is the opportunity to create custom rigs using the combined principles of animatronics and robotics.  

Toy Engineer: Large multinational toy manufacturers such as Mattel routinely look for freshers with mechanical and manufacturing engineering degrees. Apart from designing new toys, engineers are also responsible for making manufacturing systems that can produce them at a factory level. However, being surrounded by toys all day but not being able to play with them can turn out to be a bummer.

Sustainable Architect/Engineer: For engineers who want to work towards making the world a better place, sustainable architecture can be a great career path. The role of a sustainable engineer is to design and oversee the construction of buildings that do not negatively affect the environment. This can mean the careful selection of sustainable building materials as well as finding energy efficient electrical components. The job of a sustainable engineer also involves implementing smart solar solutions that seamlessly blend in with the architecture.

Brake Engineer: Did you know there are specialized engineers for designing braking systems for supercars and bikes? These engineers are responsible for designing new mechanical and hydraulic braking systems that go everything from snowmobiles to fighter jets. A degree is mechanical engineering is often the basic requirement to secure job as a product engineer for a brake manufacturer.

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