How to Find a Well-paying Job in the Mountains

COVID-19 has forced many people to reconsider their career paths and their lifestyles in general. In this regard, escaping to the mountains to learn how to ski, explore nature and slow down the pace of life seems a fascinating alternative. Most people admit that living in a mountain town is an enjoyable experience as you are surrounded by natural beauty and can try some exciting outdoor activities.

Whether you want to spend a couple of months atop a cliff or seek a permanent move, you want to take care of finding a decent, well-paying job in advance. In today’s article resume editing services are going to introduce some popular career options in mountain towns and share some tips to help you get hired for a lucrative position taster.

6 Tips for Finding a Rewarding job in the Mountains

Consider high-quality resume editing

Since the job search starts with writing a resume, make sure that yours is up to date and describes your strengths effectively. A strong resume can make all the difference in the job search, bringing you more interview calls from employers. If you don’t feel confident about your resume, consider paying for a resume editing service (for example, company). A professional resume writer will edit your resume online, correcting any shortcomings or mistakes. If you look for jobs in mountain resorts outside the US, these professionals will also help you adjust your resume to local standards.

Identify your target jobs

Explore possible career options in the mountains and pick the most appealing ones. One of the most popular options is a tour guide. It gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the hotspots and share this experience with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. If you’d like to be closer to nature, an environmentalist career might be the best fit. These professionals spot areas prone to deforestation and other environmental issues, prepare accident reports and perform research on improving the use of natural resources.

Do you enjoy being around children? Consider becoming a professional teacher – small towns often have teacher shortages. And if you work in the hospitality industry, your options are limited only by your qualifications. Mountain resorts always need part-time and full-time employees, so you can pick a career that caters to your preferences.

Apply early

On average, it takes companies 42 days to fill a position. So, start browsing jobs months in advance. Doing this is particularly important if you look for seasonal jobs at ski resorts or a hospitality company. The earlier you apply, the better selection of jobs you’ll have and the higher will be the chance of getting hired. You also might want to arrive in advance to prepare for other challenging aspects of mountain living. Mountain weather can be quite unpredictable with a lot of snow and wind, so you might need some time to adjust.

Know the requirements and improve your skills

If you are going to pursue a completely new career in a mountain town, you might need to learn some in-demand skills. For example, a tour guide will benefit from foreign language knowledge, public speaking and strong communication skills. You might also want to work on your computer skills, take an online course in forestry and conservation or work on your physical fitness if this is of service for your target career. Review job requirements closely, develop skills you’re missing and edit your resume adding these new skills.

Apply even if the company isn’t currently hiring

Would you like to work for a particular ski resort but see no jobs advertised? Submit your resume anyway. You can hit the perfect moment when the job has just opened but isn’t advertised yet. And even if it isn’t the case, your resume will remain in their database. The next time the company needs employees they are most likely to tap the existing pool of candidates. Moreover, you can receive unexpected and exciting offers you couldn’t imagine.  

Explore remote opportunities

With the vast popularity of remote work, you may find a remote position and work from your house in the mountains. Accountants, writers, virtual assistants, web developers and other professionals have a vast variety of remote jobs available. So, you can choose a well-paying position that doesn’t require your presence in the office. In this case, you’ll be able to enjoy everyday skiing, mountain biking, climbing or just walking in the air and work in the comfort of your home.

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