Mountain Jobs, a Series: Part Two – Ski School Rules!

Perhaps the most sought after position on the mountain, ski school instructor, is not only the most popular (read: competitive) job but also the one with the highest longevity.  From helping brand-new skiers and riders sort out their gear, ride lifts, apply sunscreen, and fall gracefully to encouraging more advanced skiers to push their limits to get to the next level, a ski instructor’s day is always different.

The best candidate for the instructor role is someone who is psyched to be out there (despite cold, wind, or poor snow conditions), who has infinite reserves of patience and who exudes energy and enthusiasm.

One of the specific perks to working in the ski school is many resorts will help either fully or partially sponsor you to take the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) certification course.  This is an excellent opportunity to become more honed in your skills as well as become an invaluable member of any ski school team.  The additional training also means better placement for lessons (i.e. getting more advanced students or private lessons as opposed to only beginner programs), higher pay and a competitive edge against the newest applicants every season.

Another fantastic option for instructing in a volunteer capacity is to work with the adaptive ski schools.  Most mountains have a variation of this and while it is predominantly volunteer-based, many resorts reward their volunteers with free lift tickets and passes.

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