Mountain Jobs for the Outdoor Lover

Anyone who loves the outdoors would likely thrive with a number of different mountain jobs. If you have a knack for the outdoors, then you may wish to consider a mountain job yourself.

Mountain jobs that can combine the outside with a paycheck can vary depending on the time of year it is so your skills should also be able to vary a bit. Chances are though, if you are willing to work, you can find a great paying mountain job that will keep you outside the majority of the time.

Here are a few outdoor mountain jobs to consider:

•    Guide: You can become a guide for a number of outdoor activities that people enjoy when they take a mountain vacation. Fishing guide, hiking guide, rafting guide, ski guide, you name it. If it is outdoors, there is likely an opportunity for you to find employment as a guide.
•    Wildlife Management: Working in wildlife management will keep you outside and can be rewarding in both money and pride. When you work in wildlife management you deal with making sure that all the animals, and the people, on the mountain stay safe.
•    Sales and Rentals: Another great outdoor mountain job can be found in sales and rentals. Many of the outside activities such as white water rafting and mountain biking require equipment to be purchased or rented. These types of rental shops are often set up outdoors in a specific location on the mountain giving you the chance for fresh air and an income.

No matter what you love to do outdoors, you are likely to be able to put that enjoyment to work with a great outdoor mountain job. While you may have to use your imagination, if you look hard enough, you are sure to find something that fits.

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