Best Jobs to Get At a Ski Resort

Finding the best job so get at a ski resort is largely reliant on why you want to work there.  Assuming that you don’t want to launch a career, then you are probably looking to take advantage of the atmosphere, the discounts on ski equipment, and of course the slopes themselves.  If you haven’t taken much time to look into the jobs available ski resorts, then you may not have a good idea as to what type of jobs you really want.  Here is a quick look at a few of the best jobs to get at a ski resort based upon the benefit that you most desire.

Best Jobs to Get at a Ski Resort For Maximum Flexibility
If your number one priority is finding a job that gives you maximum flexibility in terms of schedule then joining the indoor staff, especially in the food and beverage department will likely be your best bet.  Servers, bartenders, and other front of the house staff tend to have schedules which change on a weekly basis.  Plus, in this industry it is not uncommon for employees to regularly switch shifts with each other in order to get free time when they want it.  In terms of overall flexibility, nothing competes with this type of indoor staff position.

Best Jobs to Get at a Ski Resort to Get Maximum Powder Time
If you are looking into getting a job at a ski resort simply because you want to spend as much time on the slopes as possible then there are two options to consider.  The first is becoming a ski instructor.  In most cases, you only need and intermediate level of skiing ability to be considered for this type of opening.  While you will spend a lot of time on the slopes, you also need to keep in mind that you will likely be spending a lot of time teaching younger children as well.  This means that some level of patience and customer interaction will be necessary.  The other option is to be part of the ski patrol.  This will not only give you a chance to be on the slopes, but also give you access to areas that the general public will not get to see.  The one thing to keep in mind is that this job can be dangerous and some resorts only offer this as a volunteer position.

Least Stressful Job at a Ski Resort

It is difficult to find a job at a ski resort that is completely stress free, however most people would agree that working as a retail ski shop employee will normally be towards the top of the list.  It gives you a chance to talk here with other people who are just as passionate about skiing as you are.  At the same time, every retail job will have its stressful moments.  Additionally, the introductory wages are normally not very high, however you will get to take advantage of discounts in the shop as well as on the slopes.

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