Perks Of A Resort Job You May Not Have Even Thought Of …

Why work a resort job when you live in mountain resort town? There are some advantages that may not have even crossed your mind.

Small town living, residing in a place where just about everyone knows your name, can drive even the best of us a little stir crazy at times. A resort job where you are communicating with visitors from all over the world allows you to not only meet new people every day and learn about different cultures, it also gives you the chance to build a network of friends from all around the world. Not such a bad thing when you are traveling in the off-season.

The best of both worlds
Resort jobs will give you that nice outlet into the rest of the world while still maintaining your small mountain town lifestyle. Interestingly enough, I have found that you meet a more diverse crowd than you ever could living in a small rural town that sees little change from day to day or a huge metropolitan city where people often prefer to remain more anonymous.

Is a resort job for you?
Schedules will vary. In the office, sitting at a desk 9-5 is rare. The hours will vary depending on the time of the year. The beginning of August, for instance, tends to be a busy travel time for families before school begins. Presidents Day week in February, Christmas week, you can expect to put in the extra hours. First week in November, it is just about the opposite; you may have not much work at all. Beyond skill, it takes a great amount of flexibility, a tremendous amount of customer service and preferably, the gift of gab. Many also enjoy these jobs which are located on or close to the ski resort area because (of course) they tend to allow for more time in the great outdoors.

Popular Resort Jobs

Here are just a handful of ideas for the social bee …

  • Restaurant Manager, Hostess, Server
  • Hotel Managers, Concierge, Front Desk, Spa Services, Reservations, Bellman
  • Ski Resort Hosts, Marketing/Sales, Guest Services, Ski Instructor, Liftie, Food & Beverage.
  • Shuttle Drivers/Taxi Services
  • Retail Managers and Sales Associates
  • Destination Management and Event Planning

Highly skilled but more of an introvert? How about Restaurant Cook, IT staff, or Engineer/Maintenance?
Resort areas offer a multitude of employment opportunities. The end of the summer season is approaching. Now is about the time to start preparing if you are thinking (dreaming) about winter working up in the mountains!

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