Reasons to Partake in Career Outplacements

Letting people go in any industry is hard, but it can often be necessary. Career outplacements allow you the chance to help people and also help yourself. Here’s how they can benefit your business.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Displaced workers have likely contributed to your company’s success at some point. Outplacement services can help to maintain a healthy relationship with a displaced employee, especially during periods where they need to have a positive outlook. If you can help a worker by providing them with relocation assistance, or by partnering them up with an alumni service, then this will help you to preserve your relationship with them, and will show to them that you care about their long term future.

Fighting Unemployment

While severance pay does help, it will not be enough, on its own, to create a new opportunity. Severance pay will often help displaced workers to keep going for a month or so, but the workers may have other needs. Skills depreciation often leads to long-term unemployment, and outplacement solutions can help to fix that issue. Resume assistance, career management, and even networking advice can help you to secure a new job. In the end, all of these things will combine to help workers get back on their feet.

Reduce Liability

Employers have a responsibility to their employees. Outplacement for your employees can help to protect against liability, and help to protect against disgruntled employees that are facing displacement. Even if you are no longer their employer, it helps if you can take the required steps to ensure a smooth transition, avoiding the possibility of legal action. Things like job search assistance, career assessments and interview preparation help are all valuable.

Improved Morale

When business is tough, showing that you are on the side of your employees can help you to get better results, and keep them motivated instead of worrying about their own futures. Communicate clearly that you are here to support your workers, as well as building your own company.

Improving Your Brand

Image matters a lot these days, and outplacement solutions will help to improve your company’s reputation and show that you are committed to your current and former staff. It helps if you can show your ability to provide solutions to modern professionals. Visible things such as networking events, job boards, etc, are a ll important, as are services that tie into that such as career development and advice. Displaced employees need more than just a pat on the back and some severance pay – by providing them with real solutions and opening up wider opportunities you will go a long way towards building a future for your employees, and helping them with a stronger image for your company. Present and past employees talk about their jobs, so the more support you give, the better for the whole team and for public perception of your company as a place to work.

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