Small Town Careers In Great Outdoor Towns

What kinds of jobs might you find in a small town with endless outdoor activities? With the job market and economy the way it is, reflection, reevaluation about how we have been living our lives is not uncommon. Change is on the mind of many, have you considered going back to school and does the thought of moving from a city to a small town in the mountains keep crossing your mind?

Here are a few professions to consider.

Office Manager/Bookkeeper
You are probably used to more mid to large size companies if you are coming from the city. In a small resort town you will find many small companies, many that will never staff more than ten to twenty people. The office manager is a key player in these companies. If you have top administrative and organizational skills, bookkeeping experience, an accounting background, any of these skills will be a major plus to a small business owner.

Small towns, suburbs, big city, you will always find accounting firms and if you are a CPA who is looking for life in the mountains, you are in one of the best positions to find a job. Even if you don’t see them all advertising, experience has shown me that they are often looking for talented CPAs.

Countless people have chosen to go to Nursing School after living a few years in the mountains. If this is your calling and you love the outdoors, a ski town would be a great place for you. The healthcare profession in general is one that continues to grow even in this tough economy; a healthcare profession is one of the few fields that as far as location, you can still pick and choose.

Teaching jobs in a school setting, mountain resort instructor, guiding in the backcountry, if you are currently a teacher or guide or possibly thinking about going back to school, these professions will always exist in a mountain resort town.

Retail/Resort/Hotel Staff
Retail stores, mountain resorts and hotels are of course also a large part of a resort town economy. If you are a people person and know how to provide excellent customer service, working in retail or hospitality is a great way to gain experience, have non-traditional hours and meet people from all over the world. Great way to get started if you plan to stick around in a resort area, and interested in a retail, hotel or resort management career.

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