Utah And Wyoming Receive Top Ratings In Happiness Survey

Results from the latest well-being, happiness poll suggest that Utah and Wyoming are two of the “happiest” states to live in. Utah came in first and Wyoming took third!

”Looking for happiness — it’s family-friendly communities for some, tropical paradise or the rugged West for others. A survey of Americans’ well-being, conducted by Gallup in partnership with Healthways and America’s Health Insurance Plans, gives high marks to Utah, which boasts lots of outdoor recreation for its youthful population.”

The survey rated places for their overall mental, physical and economic health.

”The survey attempts to measure people’s well-being. It examines their eating and exercise habits, work environment and access to basic necessities, just to name some of the criteria.”

”It’s not just about physical health,” said Eric Nielsen, a spokesman for Gallup. “It’s about their ability to contribute at work and be more productive, and it’s about feeling engaged in a community and wanting to improve that community.”

They also noted that they ” hope the findings will help employers better understand what they can do to create more productive workers.”

Complete article, Utah, Hawaii, Wyoming top ‘happiness’ poll

Successful companies in the mountain towns tend to acknowledge why their employees are living in the mountains and encourage them to get outside during their breaks, whether it is to ski, bike or just take a walk on a trail. Allowing workers to get out and enjoy the natural surroundings often makes them more productive when they are back at work doing their job. As far as community, residents living in a small mountain resort town have everything to do with the success of the town and getting involved not only helps the community thrive, it can be personally rewarding as well.

There may not have been a huge difference in scores between the best and worse states, but the point that outdoor recreation and community can add to a person’s happiness factor, well-being is a valid point in my opinion. If I was to rate my happiness, well-being level while living and/or spending time in all the different states, Wyoming and Utah would definitely rate in my top five!

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