Your Mountain Community Network & Ski Town Connection, A Network To Add To The Mix!

We have just launched the mountain community network & ski town connection this past weekend, a space for you to talk about life in the different mountain communities, what is going on and what is not!

Since moving to the mountains in ’97, I have found that the challenge job seekers face beyond the mountain job hunt is something along the lines of “how can I do this, how can I actually make this work?” I have heard the word “daunting” used more than once to describe the feeling when trying to get from A to B, leaving a more traditional lifestyle, and picking up and moving towards a lifestyle that almost seems surreal. It’s actually very real, but it can take some creative thinking to put all the pieces together, good economy or not.

Networking is a great place to start, whether you are already living in a ski town or looking to make the move. You may be living in the mountains and considering a new job in a different ski town, a local ready to make the switch from a seasonal job to a full-time career, or then there are those of you who have left the mountains and are desperately seeking a way back!

Planning a move? What are the communities really like, what is the cost of living, real estate, industry, climate, schools, what about living in the outlying areas, how do the locals treat newcomers, and is everyone really a hard core skier? All the different ski towns have their own unique personalities and culture, here is your opportunity to discuss, share and connect; check it out, the new mountain community network & ski town connection.

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