3 Best Places to Buy Electric Bikes Online

When shopping for electric bikes, consumers are faced with all sorts of questions: between battery sizes, costs, and brand name, there is a lot to think about as people make the transition from man-powered to battery-powered bicycles.  Considering the cost of an e-bike relative to a man-powered bicycle (which can be up to ten times the cost), many potential e-bike owners want to know where the best place to buy an e-bike is. That being said, “best” is a relative term, and varies with each unique rider. Like regular bikes, e-bikes can vary greatly in both style and cost. In addition to those criteria, e-bikes have even more variables: drive style and battery range are additional and important factors, since it greatly affects the range of your e-bikes. The number of features to consider and high price point can make a potential e-bike search difficult to start!

Thankfully, we’ve started the search for you. We have comprised a list of the best sites and companies to begin your e-bike search so you can shop for the features and price points you want. Unlike the regular bike industry where companies like Trek and Specialized dominate, the recent emergence of the e-bike industry has fostered quality competition among new and exciting companies. The best places to buy your ebike online are listed below.

Ebikes can be a bit confusing if you’ve never bought one before – but these 3 sites make doing so simple. Just decide where you’ll be riding your bike (mountain trails, sidewalk, etc) and your budget, and these retailers make buying easy.


Really Good E-Bikes offers a unique advantage with its wide selection of products on their website – they offer over 10 different brands to begin your search. In addition, they also offer an extensive 18 step guide for beginners to select measures such as classes, folding bikes, and bike ranges. Their site also offers extensive accessories for e-bikes, including trailers that can attach to your new e-bike, headlights, scooters, and more.

The greatest advantage of this site is its diverse selection. As previously mentioned, searching for an e-bike brings many feature considerations that a consumer may want to investigate; at Really Good E-bikes, riders can filter through all these features while searching through a wide catalog of e-bikes. Cruisers, mountain bikes, fat tire bikes, folding bikes, retro bikes, environmentally friendly e-bikes, you name it! Reallygoodebikes.com has it all.

The wide selection of styles and bikes that this site contains also brings a wide range of prices. The site has bikes ranging from $1,000 to $7,000, giving riders the choice to balance quality with affordability. The site also sells spare parts and extra batteries, offering riders some insurance against wear-and-tear. The extended batteries also create the option to go out for longer rides! This combination of expensive and cost-friendly bikes coupled with varying styles make this site a great place to begin your e-bike search.

Aventon E-Bikes

Like Really Good E-bikes, Aventon is a great place for new riders to shop for e-bikes. Their website offers advice to new riders on finding the right bike based on personal preference and terrain. One of the neat advantages of their website is the extremely thorough chart detailing all essential features of each bike in their selection. The charts detail the bikes’ speeds, best use, price, weight, range, best feature, and speed with pedal assistance. The website also offers over 7,000 reviews to guide new and experienced riders who are searching for bikes and biking gear without the option for an in-person test. These reviews are a crucial and welcome addition making a blind purchase for thousands of dollars! The website offers videos, too, allowing riders to see their product in action before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

This site does not offer the same variety of price selections as Really Good E-bikes, with most of their options inside the $1,000 – $2,000 price range. Despite the smaller price range, Aventon bikes maximize a diversity of riding selections at a more affordable cost, offering casual cruisers, commuters, and off-roaders for the more adventurous rider. Aventon offers more than just e-bikes to begin your riding journey: they also sell chargers, covers, tools, baskets, trailers and spare parts for your bikes. This helps allow riders to maximize their value of their ride in case of faulty parts.

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes could not be more friendly for newcomers to the sport! Their site contains a special “Learn” section where new riders can discover how to select the best bikes, how to ride, and where to ride. They also offer a quiz which allows users to find a bike that is the best fit for them! On top of all that, Rad Power Bikes hosts a wealth of information on riding classes and safe riding tips. One huge advantage of Rad Power Bikes is the ability to test-ride their bikes in various locations around the United States. This is perfect for the new user who is nervous about making a purchase!

The bikes themselves on the site are to be commended. They allow you to design your bike by color, offering a more e-bike customization than other competitors on this list. They also offer four different styles of bikes: Cargo & Utility, City, Folding, and Off-Road, totaling to ten bike types. Their prices range from $1,099 to $1,899, and they offer free shipping on all products over $150.

The website also helps safeguard against potential damages to the bikes. They offer a one-year warrantee to help ease worries, and they boast a generous return policy. In addition, they have plenty of replacement parts in case a part of the bike gets damaged. One of Rad Power Bikes’ best features is their 14-day free trial, allowing new users to try out a bike cost-free. Rad Power Bikes also offers servicing options to help you with your bike should the need arise.

If this endorsement is not enough for you, Rad Power Bikes has plenty more clout posted on their site. Time magazine recognized them in the “Pioneer” category as one of the 100 most influential companies for their role in e-bike market adoption. They have also been awarded 19 different “Best Electric Bike” awards, and their website has over 17,000 reviews of their products.

These Websites are the Easiest to Use for First Time Ebike Customers

Wherever you are on your e-bike journey, it’s likely that you’ll need to spend $1,000+ when the time comes to purchase an e-bike. Given this cost, it is important to make an informed decision. These three sites are a great place to do some research and start your comparisons! Really Good E-bikes offers virtually every type of E-bike for every type of rider, making it a one stop shop for both new and experienced riders. Aventon provides a wide selection of e-bikes at a more reasonable price range, along with all the accessories necessary to get on the road and have some fun! Rad Power Bikes provides the most safeguards surrounding damage for your purchase, and they’re also respected as a household name. All three sites are worth a look when considering your E-bike purchase, as they all possess quality service and unique advantages. Good luck with your search!

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