Easy Step by Side Guide to Setting Up a Camping Cot

Camping is synonymous with adventure. There are a lot of things that people plan while setting up for a camping trip. Food, shelter, activities, and camping essentials are a few of things you’ll need to plan a camping trip. Once you have the best camping cots packed with some essentials, you are good to go. But with the notion of camping comes some consequences as well, the primary one is the set up of the camping cots in a sturdy manner. If your cot is not set up properly, there are chances that it might collapse due to your body weight. This is why it is necessary to know the step by step process of how to build a firm and sturdy camping cot while you are out exploring the wilderness.

Start with the frame

Setting up a camping cot is not that hard as it seems, quite the contrary. It can be easily done without any set professional guidance, but there are a set of steps that need to be followed.

  • Let’s start with the basics. Start off by collecting all the necessary items that you would need to set up the cot. These mainly include a metal frame with the attached canvas. Make sure to test out the durability of the cot before purchasing based on your body weight. Even the cloth should be of good quality.
  • Next, start with unfolding the side rails along with the legs of the camping cot. Make sure that the legs of the cot are perpendicular to the side rails of the cot and the side rails should be parallel to each other.
  • Once you have got that covered, start separating the side rails. Once you have got that done, the rest gradually falls into place. The canvas flattens out and the legs of the cot open as well. The legs of the cot need to form an “X” shape so that it stands firm and sturdy.

Focus on the fabric

After the base work and the frame of the camping cot are done with, focus on the fabric. Many people often tend to start putting up the fabric without even prepping it; this is where they go wrong. Make sure to stretch the fabric first and then work on it. You can even sit on it to make it more pliable to work with and cover the entire frame of the cot with.

Be gentle with the stretching because overdoing it might end up in collapsing the entire frame of the cot. People often time even punch the canvas to make it easier to work with.

Work with the rails

The last step is the attachment of the rails. After the canvas is stretched out, insert the end rails on either gap of the canvas and secure the same. Attach the supporting end rails to it as well to ensure a firm attachment and a sturdy framework of the entire thing. The last screw that needs to be tightened is the end rail. Once the supporting and the side rail are aligned, fix the entire thing with the tightening of the end rail.

With knowing how to set up the camping cot, that’s one other headache out of the way. Enjoy the wild environment and create cherishingly good memories.

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