8 Tips For a Comfortable Outdoor Living Experience

An outdoor living area can be relaxing, entertaining and fun! You and your family/friends can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with entertainment and relaxation. Outdoor living areas are a very popular addition to the home and can add value! Below you will find some ideas to jumpstart your outdoor design area.

1. Comfortable Seating
With the warmer weather upon us, being outside can be relaxing. Comfortable seating makes all the difference in the world. Shop around for plush, full cushioned seating. There are many different styles to choose from. Consider trying out a chair or cushioning at a local store before making a final decision. You can then shop online for similar type cushions with a larger color and size selection. And of course what’s an outdoor space without a hammock? There are lots of different styles to choose from. Find a hammock and straps for hammock that you like and enjoy!

2. Accent Colors
Choosing an accent color to draw from pulls your outdoor living space together. Some of the most popular furniture colors are earthy tones of beige, tan and browns. Add a pop of color with orange, yellow or turquoise when picking accent pillows, candles, windchimes, planters etc. A very eye catching, pleasing blend of colors will result.

3.Drought-Resistant Hardscape
Hardscape refers to paths, pebble and other flooring and walls. Get creative under and around your furniture. With these pebble, rock, stone bases, the problem of drying grass can be eliminated. Incorporate your usual landscaping of potted plants, flowers or bushes. Remember these drought-free bases can save you money on watering!

4. Outdoor Rugs
Rugs create a homier look. Choose a large rug, using your accent color for underneath or alongside your furniture. Be sure the rug your choose states it is for outdoor use.

5. Distinctive Spaces
This refers to breaking up different areas into seating, poolside, fire pit, or grilling. Think of it as you would your home inside. Also consider a seperate gardening area to grow your own fruit, vegetables and spices.

6. Fire Pits
Fire pits have become extremely popular with outdoor living. There are different styles to choose from. Fire pit tables serve as a fire source for warmth, ambiance or making smores as well as a “coffee table” function. There are also globe fire pits that are very artsy, bowl fire pits and even portable fire pits in case one wants to take it camping. Get one of many top rated log splitters to make your life easier while providing plenty of fuel for the fire.¬†For those that are located in a burn ban area, you can also use gas instead of wood by using a propane or natural gas fire pit.

7. Ceiling Fans
If your outdoor area has a roof or cover,consider a ceiling fan. Not only are these part of the decor but also brings the relief of a cool breeze on the warmer days. A very cost efficient way to cool down!

8. Canopy Tents
Canopy tents are a great way to pull people together and bring relief from the hot sun at the same time. There are a huge variety of structures, features and materials to choose from to help match your landscape. Some of the best canopy tents are constructed of lightweight materials for simple assembly. These mild-weather canopies can be set up in a matter of minutes.

9. Outdoor Entertainment
Now that you have created the base area of your outdoor living space, it is time to add some entertainment to the package! Using wireless speakers are a great way to bring music to the outside. A ping pong table can add hours of fun to your outdoor living. A small putting area for golf lovers. Swimming pools are another fun activity. Look online for many other ideas for outdoor games.

Gather the family together and enjoy your outdoor space!

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