Expert Tips about Safe Skiing

It can not be stated too often: Safety is of the highest priority when enjoying snowy slopes on the mountains. In order to help you prepare for your next ski holiday, the specialist tour operator SnowTrex has created an interactive website called ‘Safe Skiing’, which provides lots of useful information.

Here are just a few of the many good tips that SnowTrex provides on its Safe Skiing website. Head over to their interactive page and have a good read before you go on your next ski holiday. Happy skiing!

Being fit to ride
It is not only the equipment that needs to be in good shape. If you are a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of skiing and snowboarding such as how to navigate, using correct techniques, knowing how to do an emergency stop and understanding how to read a piste map, to mention a few important things.

Using the right equipment
Let your local sports shop check your gear before you head for the mountains. On the SnowTrex page, you can learn everything about ski gear, such as the helmet, how to choose the perfect googles, how to pack a backpack safely before the day on the piste and much more.

Helmet required
Everyone should wear a helmet, not only beginners – but also experienced skiers and boarders. It is advisable replacing the helmet after eight years, as it does get worn out, even if there are no visible traces on it. Be sure to inform yourself about the different helmet regulations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.

The FIS rules
The 10 FIS rules are the same for skiers and boarders all over the world. The rules help making a safe environment on the pistes and to prohibit accidents. Therefore it is recommended to be aware of them before you go down the slopes.

Do’s and Dont’s:
Do’s: Make yourself a steady breakfast and do some warm up exercises before you head onto the piste. Check out the ski area map and plan some breaks during the day. Always be aware of who is around you on the pistes, so that no sudden turns will come as a surprise to the others.
Dont’s: Ride as much as you can but do not overestimate your abilities. It may be better to take that easy slope at the end of the day, instead of the steepest black piste, as the body gets tired after all the hours on the mountain. Never drink alcohol before you go skiing or snowboarding. Après-ski does have its name for a reason: Enjoy your drinks after the skiing day.

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