A Quick Look at Verispellis Skis

Verispellis Skis is a Project of KICKSTARTERS and they have a great reputation worldwide for their unique products. Verispellis offers a revolutionary technology that changes your skis’ stiffness from a smartphone to meet varying skiing conditions.

Why you should take a serious look at Verispellis Skis:

  • Verispellis skis have variety of products with great deals and packages
    High rating in the customer reviews
  • Verispellis have designed a revolutionary pair of skis that will allow you to change the stiffness of your skis from your smartphone. This innovative technology will allow you to reduce your quiver into a versatile pair of skis.
  • Design features a very unique metal, called Nitinol, which belongs to the family of shape memory alloys. Nitinol changes its material properties with changes in temperature. We built the first prototype with a single layer of nitinol sandwiched between the usual wood and fiberglass layers of a traditional ski.
  • Adjacent to the nitinol, we placed small heating elements connected to a lithium ion battery pack. You can turn on the electronics that activate the heating elements with a switch on the battery or remotely (via Bluetooth) using a smartphone app.
  • Verispellis products designed for different types of snow and conditions.
  • Verispellis conducted many iterations of finite element analysis and have designed the skis and the electronics and built first and second generation prototypes.
  • iOS and Android App with bluetooth module (Ability to change stiffness from the app and the skis directly
    changing the performance of ski in a few seconds.

Verispellis Skis Innovative Technology

Verspellis take care for the BASICS when designing the Skis;

  • Height:In general, with ski tails on the ground, tips should touch you somewhere between your nose and eyebrows. This may vary based on your ability level and terrain preference.
  • Weight: Skiers with larger frames often are good candidates for either longer skis or wider skis. Extra mass provides leverage for turning longer skis; extra surface area can also help distribute weight.
  • Terrain:If anyone favorite hill is dominated by narrow, twisty trails, look at shorter skis. They’re better at quickly maneuvering into tight turns.
  • Camber: Many skis offer a continuous, downturned arc (or bow) that runs for much of the length of the ski. When a skier stands on a ski, it flattens due to the skier’s weight. At that point the entire length of the base can provide stability and the ski’s metal edge can initiate turns. As a skier moves from turn to turn, camber provides the energy for a ski to snap back from turns, creating a sensation of “liveliness.” In short, camber is the built-in spring that makes a ski lively.
  • Rocker: Rocker is essentially the opposite of camber, and is sometimes known as reverse camber or negative camber. The side profile of a rockered ski resembles the upturned rails of an old-school rocking chair. On a flat surface, the midsection of a rockered ski will rest on the ground while its tips and tails rise off the ground much earlier than they do for a cambered ski. Rocker offers improved flotation in powder and offers greater maneuverability.

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