European Winter Sports by Rail

The undoubted popularity of air travel might be down to the perceived speed with which you are able to reach your destination – and if you have only a week or two to enjoy the snow you want to get to the slopes as quickly as possible.

Whatever your haste, however, you are unlikely to do without the need for winter sports insurance, so why not approach Bengo Travel, or other such specialist providers to make sure that you have the appropriate cover. Most important of these elements of cover is likely to be medical insurance, since the cost of care and treatment for any injuries you sustain may be very substantial – especially if a medevac by air is involved.

If air travel is not for you, the alternative and well-proven means of transport used by winter sports enthusiasts in the past – and by an increasing number of the present generation – is to go by rail. There are probably a number of reasons:

  • traveling to your winter sports resort by train might be just as quick – or even faster – than traveling by air;
  • the railway station near your home is likely to be much easier to get to than even the closest airport;
  • you may be able to leave your car at home rather than paying the not inconsiderable cost of airport parking;
  • even with flights running to schedule, many airlines expect you to be there and wait at the airport for 2 or 3 hours;
  • during winter months in particular, flight delays and cancellations are likely to be more frequent than any disruption of train schedules;
  • your tickets, or even an open-ended rail pass, may be bought easily and securely online (through one of the main ticketing agencies such as Rail Europe);
  • an increasing number of companies now offer combined rail travel, accommodation and winter sports packages;
  • with the room to stretch out and walk from one carriage to another, a train probably makes for a more comfortable journey than the cramped confines of an aeroplane;
  • the environmentally conscious winter sportsman is also able to take comfort from the fact that travel by train leaves rather less of a carbon footprint than flying; and
  • train journeys with your friends or the parties you encounter along the way are simply a lot more fun than being shuttled from one airport to another.

That is not to say that your journeys by rail are always guaranteed to go without a hitch. Your winter sports equipment, for example, might go missing lost or stolen; conditions at your resort may prevent you from actually taking to and using the slopes; or you might suffer an injury whilst enjoying your chosen sport.

Insurance may also ensure that you are adequately covered for any equipment lost or stolen during your train journey and may even provide a measure of financial compensation if your resort is cut off and closed by virtue of an avalanche.

Traveling by train might be a way of allowing you to start enjoying your winter sports holiday from the moment you close your front door. Why not give yourself the chance to enjoy the journey itself rather than look upon it as something you have to endure?

Mike is a director of BengoTravel where you can compare rates for your travel insurance as well as take advantage of some excellent policy features for niche travel insurance cover.

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