How To Get Campfire Smell Out Of Clothes And Sleeping Bags

After spending joyful moments around a campfire, many of us struggle to get rid of those uncomfortable campfire smoke smell from the personal belongings, especially fabric materials. How to get campfire smell out of clothes and sleeping bag won’t be a lingering issue at all as there are plenty of tips available to neutralize the stinky smell.

As you are very close by to the fire, the smoke smell penetrates inside the fabric you draped on. Auspiciously there are many home care solutions to remove the stinky smell from the clothes to bring back the clothing to the standard fabric smell. Hopefully, this article will guide you to amputate the smoke smell on your clothes after a return from your campfire.

Methods to remove the campfire smell in your clothes

  • Conventional methods
  • No-wash methods

Conventional methods: You can follow the bellow mentioned deodorizing means to remove the smoke smell and keep cool by camping.

Using hot water:  Hot water has the immense ability to extract smells. So before starting your washing process, soak the cloth in hot water and then rinse with detergent to remove the odorous campfire residues. 

Cleaning with white vinegar: White vinegar is a powerful eliminator for pungent and complicated odor. Start the work by pouring a cup of vinegar into the warm water. Cover the cloth with enough surface area for better outcomes. 

Apply baking soda: Just like vinegar, baking soda is another kitchen ingredient to deodorize in the process of washing.   You need to immerse the cloth in the detergent liquid for some time, and you can start sprinkling the baking soda over the fabric. Wash the cloth thoroughly after five minutes.  

Sprinkling borax: Borax is an excellent smoke smell neutralizer. You have to keep the items in a container or box or plastic bag and sprinkle borax on the sleeping bag.  After spraying, close it tightly and wait for approximately one week. It will give you a good result and is very effective. 

With enzyme cleaner: Mix a solution of one part enzyme cleaner with ten parts warm water and soak the smoke smell emanating washable fabrics used during campfire party for 2 to 3 hours and then do a regular detergent wash, which will help you to remove the smoke smell. 

Drying the clothes under the sun: The direct exposure to sunlight contributes to getting rid of the smell noticeably. The ultraviolet rays and fresh air workout to deodorize the unpleasant smell on your clothes and sleeping bag. If the smell persists, spray some fresheners over the cloth to make it pleasant.

Using deodorizer solutions without washing:

In case if you are on tour and feel that washing is not that much possible, no washing method helps to get rid of the campfire smell, and in such situations, you can try the following methods.

Spray with Vodka: Apart from a party drink, vodka also can use as a deodorant for unpleasant odors. Just mix vodka with water and by using a spray bottle, spray all over the surface of the sleeping bag and then hang it under the hot sun. Vodka evaporates, and it will remove the campfire odor. 

Spray lemon juice: Citric acid present in lemon is a powerful sanitizer for eliminating unpleasant odor. Even you can cut the lemon in half and place it in your room, and it will remove all the unpleasant odor from your room and spreads positive vibration to your mind as well.

Mix 8 part of warm water with one part of lemon juice inside the bottle and spray over the clothes until it becomes wet. Expose them to sunlight for more than 4 hours. Later when you notice, you can smell only the lemon aroma and not the smoke smell.

With the help of Activated charcoal:

By the time you return from the campfire, you may feel irritated by the smoke odor and look for solutions how to get campfire smell out of clothes and other personal effects. One such method is, you can use activated charcoal to neutralize the smell without any washing methods. Place activated charcoal inside a pair of nylon leggings and put inside your clothes and keep it on the shelf. Let it stay for a week, and you will enjoy the freshness of the cloth and feel exhilarated.


It is one of the most powerful methods to remove the odor from the sleeping bag, and clothes by hanging outside in air. The oxygen present in the air penetrates inside the fabric and give your extra freshness. The fresh and pure outdoor air wipes away the moisture or residue from the clothes.

Special tips to get rid of the smoke odor:

  • Give your cloth for dry-cleaning, the fastest way to get rid of the smoke smell.
  • Just smell the cloth, if it is strong repeat any one of the above-said processes.
  • For sleeping bag, hang it outside in fresh air or hot sun which helps to flush out the smell of smoke
  • Always go for the most natural deodorizer, Sunlight- nature’s gift.

The beautiful campfire moments with songs and stories that you had spent with your loved ones will become a disgusting experience, once the campfire smell starts bothering you. Not all clothes and personal effects can take for machine washing due to cleaning restrictions.  When you face washing restrictions, the best way is to depend on natural methods or smoke removal methods without washing.

Under the natural method, the best way is to expose your personal effects and sleeping bag under the Sun.  When you put it hanging under the Sun, a combination of natural factors like Sunlight and the wind will take care of the job. The only issue will be you need to have bright Sunlight to get the task done for an extended period.

Other than natural method, using baking soda, activated charcoal and borax are good option to remove campfire smell without washing, which has already explained in the article.

How to get campfire smell out of clothes and other personal effects won’t be a bothering issue at all if you can follow any of the tips given above.

If you don’t find any washing possibility, you can try no-washing method by saving the water. It would be better if you can use the sunlight as a natural deodorizer before trying out other methods. So enjoy the fun in a campfire and feel rejuvenated without worrying about the campfire smoke smell on your personal effects and stay aromatic for the whole day!

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