Tips for Getting Around Without a Car

Biking on the roadSometimes it sucks not having a car, whether you just have opted not to get one, or if you can’t actually get a license for health issues. However, let’s face it, cars are overrated! Who needs, ‘em! All they’re going to do is suck your wallet dry as gas prices start to climb, anyways. Besides, it is very possible to get around without a car if you keep your wits about you and find solutions that are affordable and convenient. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, as you are looking for ways that you can get around without having a car…

Get familiar with public transit in your area

The most obvious solution to getting around without a car is public transportation. The key, however, is to become incredibly familiar with the ins-and-outs of public transportation in your area. What you want to be looking for is every bus, train, commuter rail, and shuttle that runs through your neighborhood, and seeing how far they can carry you. Afterwards, price out whether it is worth it for you to get a public transit pass, or if you should just pay on a fare-by-fare basis.

Bikes are your best friend

You don’t need a car to have a set of wheels. When you don’t have a car, a bicycle can be your best friend. Not only is having a bike a great way to get physical exercise, but it is also a relatively quick way to get anywhere in your town within a matter of minutes, if you’d rather not wait around for public transit. Remember, though, that just like having a car means needing to learn how to do some auto maintenance, such as putting oil in the engine or air in your tires, so too is it important to learn how to take good care of your bike.

man walking

Live in great walking areas

This one may or may not be a little outside of your control, but if you’re going to have a lifestyle where you don’t have a car, then it’s worth looking into living in areas that are incredibly walking accessible. For people who drive everywhere, this might sound like a drag, but there is something incredibly refreshing to hitting the pavement and taking a stroll through your neighborhood. There are so many things that you pick up on that people who drive never even notice. However, it’s obviously not always possible to live in an area where walking gets you everywhere.

Find a carpool routine

Even if you use transit, get a bike, and walk everywhere you can, there will still be times that you need access to a car. For these times, or if you need a car to get somewhere regularly, then carpooling is always a great option. For example, if you always need a ride to or from work, then all you need to do is use your immeasurable charms to get a co worker to not mind giving you a ride when you need it! Or at least be pathetic enough that they feel sorry for you and end up offering a ride. Basically, don’t be too proud to ask for a ride.

Look at rideshare services

If you need a ride and are unable to carpool anywhere, it’s easier than ever, in today’s world, to get a ride in minutes, thanks to rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber. For a reasonable cost, you can pull up your phone and hail a car to your location in no time at all. The only downside, however, is that continuing to use rideshare apps gets quite expensive, if you use them all the time.

Two people driving

Be a good passenger

Most of all, if you’re going to consistently be riding with people, be a good passenger. This will take you farther than a bike ever will. Being a good conversationalist and making a point to know people makes it far more enjoyable to have you in the car. If you’re going to use someone’s passenger seat, that’s the least that you can try to do.

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