Get Outside Even For Just One Hour A Day!

Working full-time in a mountain town does not mean you have to give up your daily outdoor fix. It’s summertime in the mountains and there is no excuse to not get outside even if you can only squeak in one hour a day.

I was thinking about this yesterday when I felt that even a short hike to Ski Lake (Teton Pass hike) would throw off my day. My friend said, “how about a quick Crater Lake then?” You can’t really say no to this idea. The hike or bike ride up to Crater Lake (Old Pass Road) has you back down within the hour and look at that photo … it was taken by someone (me) who just points and shoots and hopes for the best. It really was a beautiful day.

The best thing about the experience is not only can a short hike like this one easily fit into your day, the after effects of getting out and into nature is that you tend to be happier and way more productive throughout the rest of your day.

Just another one of the many perks of living in a mountain town!

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