Out On The Open Road And Back In The Rocky Mountain West

Big sky, wide open spaces and the wide load truck up ahead; Yep, I was back in familiar territory and now clearly understood why people gravitate back after a substantial time away.

Driving up from Colorado into Wyoming, I could feel myself decompressing a little bit more with each and every mile. Less cars, less people … a slower pace. I was even pleasantly surprised when I stopped in Rock Springs (maybe Rawlins, can’t remember now) at the super market and the woman behind me said, “excuse me, you don’t have a discount City Market card, please … use mine”. Ahh, It’s nice to be back.

To some, this means nothing, yet to me, it means so much. Spending more time back in the eastern city areas this year, I have often wondered and wanted to ask, “Where are you going and what are are you doing that you need to be moving at this frantic pace?”

Life is precious and often moves faster than we would like it to anyway. Why not slow down that pace once in a while and enjoy it?

The truth is that I am sure they do (I would hope) even it does not appear that way to me. Whatever the case may be, I am glad that I have been lucky enough to discover that smaller town living is definitely more for me. Glad to be home!

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