Finding Magic In The Mountains – Tetons, Sawtooths – Where Is Your Special Place?

No matter where you are and what you are doing in your life right now, there may be that special place that, for you, personifies peace, happiness and home. For different people, the places obviously vary widely, but as far as the places that show up on these pages, you can be sure there will always be some mountains unmistakably present in the background.

The Tetons …
Take me anywhere in the world and put me in a million yoga and meditation classes (which I love) that encourage me to “be where I am” … I must say that nothing is going to quite compare to the feeling that I have when the Teton Range is anywhere in my field of vision. I hold this special place very close to my heart, at all times, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing.

After reading Mountain Girl-Part One today by Prudence Hunt, I started writing this post and my words were sounding way too familiar. Searching through this past fall’s blog posts which were written right before suddenly leaving Jackson Hole to help my family, there it was, Peace of Mind. My own words brought tears to my eyes today. I could just visualize myself driving along 22 heading towards Wilson just in time to watch the sunset behind the Tetons. Pretty special.

The Sawtooth and the Bitterroot mountains …
I really do love reading about the passion other people feel about their “place” … especially when there are high country peaks involved. The Wood River Valley. Idaho. Hailey. Sun Valley. Sawtooth and Bitterroot mountains. This is Prudence’s special place.

There was magic in the Sawtooth and Bitterroot mountains to the north of us and my family has been instructed to scatter my ashes in the Bitterroot Valley north of Hailey when my time has passed. Through all the travels of my life, no space on the planet was as beautiful to me as the Bitterroot Valley and I hope to return someday.

Why does a place become your special place?
Maybe there is some sort of peace and comfort we identify with when we think about it, maybe it is a little bit of timing and/or maybe it is just the energy that the physical place projects that has us always wanting to go back for more.

Don’t know exactly, but I do know that it nice to have that place, and nice to know that even though you may not be able to physically be there in the present moment, it will always be there if and when you get the opportunity to go back.

And for all the ”Mountain Girl’s” in the city …
I have to pass this along as well, Judy Collins, “Mountain Girl” (featured in Prudence’s blog post) since it was new to me too and thought that many of you could relate.

“Deep in my heart I could hear that voice call
Haunting me all that day long
Mountain girl in the city
You’ve been gone far too long
Find your way back to the mountains
Where you know you belong
Where your dreams can’t go wrong”

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  1. Wow, I was thrilled to see that you read my blog! It seems to be universal, the effect the mountains have on the soul.

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