Hunting Gear for Physically Demanding Mountain Hunting

Mountain hunters face numerous challenges while hunting and a very common one is the physical demands that are caused by elevation and steep terrain. In order for hunters to survive these conditions they must be well trained and carry essential gear.

Before we talk about the ideal gear for your mountain hunting trip, you need to make a number of considerations. This way, you will be able to choose the appropriate gear for the trip. Here are the most important considerations to make:

  • Buy Only Top-Quality Equipment: Mountain terrain can be rough on all your hunting gear. Therefore, it is wise to buy high-quality equipment that will actually survive the rocky terrain you are about to encounter.
  • Choose The Appropriate Camouflage: Choosing the ideal camouflage matters a lot during a mountain hunt. Do some research on the terrain as well as the available patterns, then make your best guess about the pattern you should bring.
  • Foresee Each and Every Scenario: This is particularly important if you will be hunting for more than a day. You need to consider shelter, sleeping gear, food, and water among other essentials. A sleeping pad can save your hunt. This may seem strange; however, when you are far up, you will realize that the conditions are not friendly. And they may even interfere with your sleeping habits.
  • Lightweight Equipment: Whether you like it or not, you need to backpack lightweight items to your mountain hunting expedition. You do not want to get stuck along your ascend because of an unbearable load.

The very first gear you require in order to have the best hunting adventure is a firearm. Also, a firearm is necessary for protection in case you are attacked. Choose a firearm that is fit for hunting and has high-quality features befit of mountainous adventures.

As a mountain hunter, a red dot sight is a must have gear. For a better view of your target while hunting you require the best sight and the recommended sight for use in mountain conditions is the red dot sight.

While hunting in mountain areas means that you will experience low light. The best red dot sight does not decrease light transmitted to the eye. It has the ability to work greatly in low light conditions or in night vision devices allowing you to view your target clearly.

With this type of sight you will also get to keep both eyes open, maintain a natural view of the target and the environment. The best models feature a set of polarizing filter that helps the hunter to adjust the target’s brightness by reducing the light waves that passes through.

The best red dot sight will come with multiple brightness levels. It provides you with the advantage of enjoying unlimited field of view. This also allows you to be aware of any other hunters who are in close proximity.

A firearm and a red dot sight are the basic hunting and self-defense gears you must have. But, your mountain hunting experience will be easy and enjoyable with the inclusion of the following hunting gears:

  • Hunting Boots: The best boots for such conditions are those with enough ankle support and those with a stiff sole. It is recommended that you carry heated insoles that you will place heat pads and warm boots. Such boots will ensure that you stay warm throughout the day.
  • Leggings or Gaiters: Hunting in mountain areas means that there is snow around and this increases the level of coldness. In order to avoid any snow from getting into your boots it is advisable to wear a pair of gaiters. Gaiters keep you warm and also avoid entry of other objects into your boots.
  • Sleeping Essentials: In order to get some sleep in the cold weather you will require a good sleeping bag. The best sleeping bag should be lightweight and occupies less space. The most recommended bag is the silk sleeping bag, since it keeps you warm even in low temperatures.
  • Lighting Gear: The best lamp for hunting is a head lamp that remains intact with no need of holding it and keeps your hands free. The head lamp also assists you to see at night to read or see before going to sleep.
  • Rucksack: To keep your hunting gear safe you will require a rucksack to carry them around. A rucksack is able to carry your rifle safely without having to hang it on your shoulder. It also accommodates other essential gears, such as extra clothing.
  • Socks: For added warmth, ensure that you carry socks and always wear two pairs while hunting. The inner socks are for absorbing moisture and keeping your feet dry. They transfer sweat to the outer socks and prevent your feet from acquiring blisters. In order for this to work the outer socks should be semi-thick with a lot of wool, such as merino socks.
  • Down Jacket: You may sit for long waiting for your target to appear requiring you to stay warm in order for you not to freeze. The down jacket is recommended because it is warm and small in size allowing you to wear it without experiencing added weight.
  • Woolen Underwear: If you are hunting in high altitude areas you will need your lower body parts to remain warm. Woolen underwear is the best gear in this type of climate. It can also be used to provide extra insulation beneath other woolen clothing.

If you think a mountain hunt will be similar to a flat ground hunt, you are in for a surprise. Apart from the obvious gear choices for mountain hunting, one piece of equipment that will always increase your success during the actual hunt is the best red dot sight you buy.

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