10 Top Tips When Buying Ski Property

If you’ve ever needed to book ski property during peak ski periods then you will understand how vexatious it can be. The loops you had to jump through just to find an available ski property, the cost that had you dreaming about owning your own ski property. Owning a ski lodge can prove to be a valuable investment. One that gives you priority choices when you want to ski whilst also giving you a decent return on investment. This definitely explains the increasing interest in owning ski lodges over the past few years. If you’ve decided to invest in one yourself (or even if you are still thinking about it), here are 10 tips to help you get the best out of that investment.

Choose the right country

The French Alps, Switzerland, Australia or Italy? How do you know which location would best suit your skiing needs?  Popular locations might seem like a good idea but you have to remember the more popular they are, the more expensive they are likely to be. Switzerland can offer better value for money with the only drawback being that you can only buy property in specific cantons. In Canada, you’re certain to get good snow in addition to better property for your money’s worth.

Apartment type to suit your needs

A purpose built apartment in a ski resort or a full-fledged ski chalet in a location of your choice? Or something in-between such as an “apart-hotel”? The choice is yours. Ski resort apartments are notorious for being small and while this might be a major inconvenience for your family, they are bound to cost way less than a chalet.

Is Altitude your friend or foe?

If all you need is snow, then the advice is to buy higher altitude property. Higher altitude property might cost a lot more but you can reduce the price when you chose the smaller sized ski chalets. A high altitude ski lodge is also more likely to have more callers when you’re not there increasing the chances of getting a great return on your sleeping investment.

Get to ski sites easy

Imagine not having to hike in the snow; or take a bus to a suitable place before you’re able to ski. Just being able to ski directly from your doorway increases the pleasure of skiing for you and would make your holiday that much more pleasant.

Dual purpose ski lodge

Factor in the purpose for which you want a ski lodge. Consider the fact that the right property could serve as a fantastic ski destination in the snow as well as the perfect getaway in the summer. This will give you access to a whole new range of activities – mountain hiking, mountain cycling, paragliding, white water rafting- the possibilities are endless.

Distance from airport; distance from your regular home

You might want to get a vacation home that is not too difficult to get to. Imagine beginning your holiday with a 24-hour long transatlantic flight; and then having to drive for hours before you get to your ski chalet. Not a very fun way to holiday.

Snowfall season

Snowfall and season length should also be two important determinants when buying a ski lodge. You want to be sure of snow for a reasonable period of the year giving you the flexibility to vacation and still get a chance to rent out.

Opportunities for resale

You don’t want to be stuck with a property you cannot easily resell. Imagine having to pay for the upkeep of a property you have no interest in any longer. Be sure to investigate the ease of reselling your proposed ski chalet.

Country property ownership rules

Countries often have different and sometimes complicated country ownership rules. It’s important that you do the necessary research so you can be sure of exactly what it is that you own.

Ensure your ski chalet can pay its way all year round

To make a prime investment when buying a ski lodge, you will want to do what it takes to ensure your ski chalet can pay its way all year round. A lot of the hints above will guide you so that whatever decision you take will be the best for your holidays and for your finances as well.

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