Leaving The Rocky Mountains For Suburbs And Strip Malls – Not Easy

The best place to find out what is so special about mountain living is of course, from a local. Special it is, but as we all enter different stages of life, we will inevitably experience shifts in priorities, and sometimes that means questioning the lifestyle choices that we have made.

Many local ski town residents will agree though that the longer you stay in places like Jackson Hole or Durango, Colorado, the harder it will be to even consider leaving. Tour De Texas was written by a Durango Colorado local considering leaving town for a lower cost of living and a closer proximity to family. Tough decision.

This caught my eye …
“I miss our little home on the side of the mountain, with a mountain breeze coming in from the windows as the only air conditioning. I miss the traffic jams of 10 cars while everyone has stopped to give a deer family a way to cross the street.”

“…the clean air, the bright stars and the quietness of the night, the snow and the crispness of the fall mornings are ours to enjoy.”

One can never underestimate the powerful effect of simple pleasures.

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