Less Is More – College Grad Learns The Value Of Living A Simple Life

There is a little stumble button right at the upper left hand corner of my computer screen, and every now and then I “stumble” and find great new websites/blogs that match the interests that I have set up in my StumbleUpon account. The other day I stumbled upon,

How I survived with $7,500 a year

Why did I enjoy this one?

  • A reality check for college graduates having just spent their last 20 years or so in school. Sharpening those “soft and hard skills” … Good advice. Right out of school, whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to do it … this is the time to get out in the working world and discover what you just can’t learn sitting in a classroom.
  • Less is more. The blogger writes, Simplicity and Frugality is king. I learned how to simplify and live a frugal life. I realized that having gadgets, name-brand flashy junk, big cars and houses, etc. were useless. When I couldn’t afford some luxuries, I realized that I didn’t miss them at all. I am reminded of this every time I spend a chunk of time back in a city checking out things that I don’t even think, know or really care about living in a small mountain town. My 4 year old cousin is actually the one that explained to me what TiVo is.
  • “Be more thankful.” “ … always look at the bright side of life.” Important lesson at any stage of life.
  • Most of all, I liked the fact that this article was honestly written … with not a lot of fluff. Nothing like your first job out of college to bring you back down to earth!

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