Making Some Extra Cash with the Sharing Ecoomy

shareThe sharing economy is a great way to make some extra money without having to get a job. These opportunities give you the flexibility and freedom to capitalize on your possessions, and to turn your extra time into some extra cash. Here are seven options that can help you make a little money on the side – and yes they all work perfectly well in mountain towns.

  1. Uber – Chances are you have heard of Uber. If not, it is a ride-sharing app that is becoming more commonplace by the day. Uber is well on its way to becoming, instead of taxis, the de facto mode of transportation in the cities around America. The benefit of Uber is that you can work as an independent contractor and set your own 1 As long as you are a licensed driver with your own car, you can get started quickly and easily by signing up online. The service has been getting mixed reviews in some instances from its drivers, in large part due to the lack of benefits offered.
  1. Airbnb – As much as Uber is supplanting modern day taxi service, Airbnb is doing the same for hotel rooms. Airbnb stands for air bed and breakfast because the company founders started out renting spots on air mattresses to people and cooked breakfast for them in the mornings. Since those humble beginnings, the site has transformed pretty dramatically into the go-to source for renting out rooms, houses, or apartments in the short term. Whether you’ll be out of town or just have an extra room and will be there with the guest, Airbnb is a great way to make money from your place. The listing process is straightforward, and you can start making money right away. It may seem a little strange or concerning to have a stranger staying in your home, but Airbnb offers some reassurances. You only accept bookings you are comfortable with and per their website, “Airbnb agrees to pay you, as a Host, to repair or replace your Covered Property damaged or destroyed as a result of a Covered Loss…”
  1. Sidecar – Sidecar is the number 1, B2B, on-demand delivery service. The company offers three services, Shared Rides, a discounted carpooling app; Sidecar, a ride app that connects riders with drivers; and Sidecar Deliveries, that combines people and packages on the same route to offer the cheapest delivery option for retailers. All of the three give the everyday driver that is looking to capitalize on their personal vehicle and extra time, the opportunity to make money on the side. Sidecar may not, as of yet, be as well-known as other ride sharing services, but it does have its “Winner of the Wall Street Journal’s 2014 review of transportation apps” going for it.
  1. DogVacay – Think Airbnb, only for dogs. DogVacay connects pet sitters with pet owners, allowing for the avoidance of traditional kennels or boarding facilities. All hosts (or pet sitters) will undergo a background and reference check, which, upon passing, allows you the opportunity to open your home to a furry companion for a night or two, possibly more. The boarding fees payout anywhere from $15-$50 per night.
  1. Getaround – Put your personal vehicle to good use making you some extra cash when you are not using it. Getaround allows you, as a car owner, to rent your vehicle to others when you see fit. Getaround is free to join and there are no monthly or annual fees or dues. You simply join the network, add your car to the database, set your rate, and Getaround will handle all of the insurance, processing and payments.
  1. Zaarly – Zaarly allows you to set up your very own “micro” store to sell personal goods or services to your peers. You can advertise everything from your handyman skills, to baking abilities on Zaarly, all capable of making you extra cash on the side. Zaarly features a diverse catalog of local services from lawn care services, house cleaning services, to even personal assistant services. Create your “business” page and sell your skillset for a price that you think you are worth, and watch your business grow.
  1. Poshmark – Poshmark gives you the opportunity to make money selling the clothes that are just sitting in your closet, by allowing sellers to monetize on their closet while also decluttering their home. Postmark is fast and easy, letting you simply snap a photo of your items that you would like to sell and within 60 seconds have a magazine worthy advertisement sure to make you some extra spending money.

With the increasing hustle and bustle demands of everyday life, it has become harder than ever to fit a second job into your likely already busy schedule. That being said, in this sharing, interconnected world today, there are abundant opportunities for you to make extra cashfloat when your schedule permits. The sharing economy today allows you to help people out, while also making more money for yourself. It really is a win, win and there is no reason not to give one of these services a try!

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