Outdoor Jobs – a Great Escape from the Office

outdoorjobsThere are many outdoor jobs options that you can choose from. You can have a great escape outdoors and get paid for it. Whether you currently have a job or are in the process of looking for one, it will always help to pinpoint what your dream job is, and then develop a strategy for you to make it come true.

So if you are one of those who love the outdoors, there is no reason for you to stick with your desk job for forty hours a week. There are lots of ways to earn a living and work outside. This idea may take some time in planning but if there is a will, then there is a way. Below is a list of some great outdoor jobs to choose from.

  • Botanist

Most of the jobs that are engaged in botany and environmental science require you to have a bachelors or even a masters’ degree. For botanists, there is a wide range of work available. You can have the chance to work in the field gathering data or as a researcher in a laboratory.

  • Wine Vineyard Jobs

Work in a vineyard is hard but if you are into wine and love working with your hands, then this outdoor job may be the way to go. There are websites that list jobs in this field, so you can get the position that best appeals to you. You can be a cellular supervisor or work in the tasting room. You can also become a harvest intern when you are just getting started on this job.

  • Sky Diving Instructor

This can be a dangerous profession but well worth it if you love to sky dive. They earn an average of $44,000 in a year even though there are many instructors being paid by per hour or per jump.

  • Cruise Ship Jobs

If you get motion sick this job won’t be for you but there are many advantages when working on a cruise ship. There are a wide variety of positions offered. You can either work in a spa, casino, handle the tech stuff or much more. Large cruise ships are basically small cities – so every imaginable type of worker is needed.

  • Coast Guard

Another way for you to spend time working by the sea is to be a part of the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is hiring hundreds of different workers including boat operators, aviation mechanics and search and rescue personnel.

  • Park Ranger

There are many job vacancies open for this type of job opportunity. Check it out on Indeed.com. This job is great to those seek adventure.

  • Wildlife Rehabilitator

Of course these jobs are great for those who love animals. The wildlife rehabilitators work in areas where wild animals and humans have a close interaction with each other. They are paid because of their service to the animals like feeding the baby mammals and birds, supervising the paid staff and volunteers, assisting with the bandaging and therapy, providing public presentations about the environment and the animals, cleaning the cages, transporting and capturing the injured animals and much more. The salary is approximately $60,000 a year.

  • Ski Instructor

If you are one of those who are fixated by winter sports, then you may want to consider work as a ski instructor. This job will require you to be certified. Always keep in your mind that you are paid basically to ensure guests have fun. There are also opportunities in ski resorts other than on the slopes.

  • Paramedics

Not only will this job get you out of the office it will likely give you an adrenaline rush and the sense of doing good work for the community. These professionals are required to be certified through a special course.

  • Organic Farmer

Nowadays, with organic produce being so popular, being an organic farmer will allow you to earn a decent living while working outdoors. Whether you are harvesting the goods or fertilizing the land, most of your time will be spent outdoors.

  • Photographer

Many photographers spend most of their time outside the office. Often you are required to travel to different places to capture the best photos.

There are many outdoor job opportunities that you can choose from, depending on the skill that you have.

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