Mental Health Benefits of Living in the Mountains

Changing your environment for a place where you’ll feel better is not uncommon. Our lifestyle, needs, and goals change over time, so it’s normal to feel like we belong somewhere else. Very often, people living in big, crowded cities get tired of a hectic lifestyle and want a change. Living in the mountains can bring many mental health benefits and ensure a slower-paced, happier lifestyle. Even if you don’t have any mental health issues, starting a life in the mountains can be a great step toward creating a personal sanctuary. Find out how moving to a mountain area can improve your life and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Connection with nature helps with depression and stress

Being surrounded by nature instead of concrete buildings and high-traffic streets can be therapeutic. Living in the mountains is an excellent way of preventing but also dealing with depression. We shouldn’t forget that humans are part of nature, and living out of it can cause disbalance. Going back to our roots and spending more time outdoors is a fantastic way to slow down and escape busy, overwhelming days in the city. So, take a deep breath and let the mountain air calm you down.

Less hectic days

Stress and anxiety often come with a hectic lifestyle, busy jobs, and wasting a lot of time commuting. People who live in the city have so many opportunities to have fun, work, and socialize, yet their day isn’t getting any longer. Living in the mountains helps you value your daily schedule better. You can get a job in a mountain town and don’t spend hours on public transportation to go to work and back home. This will give you more control over your daily schedule and help you use it in a more fulfilling way. Days without so much tension, loud noises, and crowds can help you connect with yourself and have a better connection with the people around you. Creating a lifestyle that makes you happy is one of the mental health benefits you shouldn’t forget when making this decision. 

More physical activity for a healthy body and mind

When leading a mountain lifestyle, there are many more opportunities to be physically active. Running, hiking, taking care of your home, etc. And you can do it in the freshest air surrounded by beautiful trees. Physical activity can help you distract from problems and calm down, but also feel happier. These activities help your body with serotonin and dopamine levels, helping it fight stress. Also, physical exercise will help your body be stronger and healthier, positively affecting your mental health. Living in the mountains will give you access to that active lifestyle you’ve always wished you had and provide you with the best conditions for it. 

Better quality of sleep

When living in a city, many things can affect the quality of our sleep. City noise, air and light pollution, and too many distractions can affect how you sleep and mess with your sleeping pattern. And living in the mountains is the way to solve that issue. You can get regular sleep and actually get some rest to give your body and brain what it takes to function properly. Sleeping in the dark and breathing fresh air will positively impact the quality of your sleep. Not to mention the significant effect on all of your brain functions.

Better focus

If you’re struggling with short-term memory and lack creativity and focus, your current environment may include too many distractions. One of the mental health benefits of living in the mountains is training your mind to be more focused and productive. Reading, thinking, or working with the sounds of rain, wind, and forest make us think better, stay focused for longer, and therefore be more productive. Some people play these pre-recorded sounds online, and you can hear them live in front of your home.

Living in the mountains can help with addiction recovery

Moving to a serene, healthy environment is one of the best recovery treatment methods. Dealing with an addiction requires significant changes in your life to make it work. Once you change your setting and move closer to nature, it’s easier to lead a healthier lifestyle that will help you stay away from substance abuse. The place we live plays a huge role in such treatments, so choosing to live in the mountains is one of the best decisions you can make. 

Moving closer to nature in recovery treatments

Making a home from all the distractions is the right way to deal with the problem. Alcohol or drug abuse negatively affects both body and mind, and living in the mountains can help you deal with it. Such a lifestyle is an excellent method to stay away from some bad habits and fight depression and stress, which are common in these conditions. Experts from the Bright Futures Treatment Center Boynton Beach, FL advise an active lifestyle as one of the best steps to complete recovery. Physical activity helps your body stay stronger and healthier – which is the key to conquering addiction. 

Increase self-esteem

Mountain life can help you feel better about yourself, too. Physical activity, exposure to sun and fresh air, and more time to work on yourself will surely boost your self-esteem, increase confidence and help you take a more positive approach to life. By improving your physical health and living in high-quality surroundings, you can be sure you’ll feel better about the self and never regret your decision to move to the mountains. Start browsing cozy mountain properties and look for one that will make a perfect home for your new life chapter.

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