Mountain Culture – Resort Towns And The Arts

The Resources page on was created to give job seekers looking for employment within mountain communities a taste of the mountain culture. For those inquiring minds that always want to know, “What do they do there (besides ski)?”, a visit to some of these websites will give you an idea, and show you how the arts/events/festivals in these small towns actually do play a major role.

Dancers Workshop, the new Center for the Arts, Grand Teton Music Festival, the Fall Arts Festival, film festivals and the Teton County Library are just a handful of places and events that come to mind when I think about community and culture in Jackson Hole. As more ski towns become four season resorts with an increasing number of year-round residents … the cultural offerings continue to expand.

For Colorado job seekers looking for more community information, read Creative Pursuits – Tracking Eagle County’s cultural landscape in yesterday’s Vail Trail that talks about the importance of a ”communities cultural landscape” and how it contributes to the overall health of a town.

“There’s growing diversity in all of these resorts. We can’t just be appealing to the people who come in for three days, we need to appeal to the full-time residents, the second-home owners and the people who work in the service industry. There’s a wide range of folks out there, who would probably support your arts, if you were talking in their language.”

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  1. My favorite answer to this question is that the Vail Symposium offers a plethora of cultural related options- at least one or two a week ranging from outdoor adventure talks, to spirituality, art tours, and classical music concerts, even documentary films. Its like they bring a major university to the Vail valley. The Vail Valley Blog ( that you have linked to has a great calendar aimed at tracking Vail Symposium and other culturally related events and activities.

  2. Interesting post!, bro

  3. Thank you for the extra input. Great to know what is going on in the different mountain communities … especially for professionals considering a move to these areas.

  4. Breckenridge just had their snow sculpture championships, and it is a great combinations of art and snow! Unfortunately, they are temporary and don’t last very long. Summit County has a great deal to do in addition to skiing.

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