Mountain Hunting Season Basics

Hunting season is upon us once more, so here are a few basic things everyone should keep in mind when venturing outdoors. However, the rules, regulations and dates concerning hunting and fishing vary from state to state, so check with your local Division Of Wildlife or equivalent agency for details.

Be seen
Most of us have seen them, individuals and groups of hunters that wander in still sporting their orange beanies and vests. This is because it’s illegal to hunt without them in most places, and unwise. Some states will also allow the use of the color ‘chartreuse’, but once again check with your local wildlife agency. Though, It’s probably best for hunters and everyone else alike to maintain the standard ‘orange’ to keep things simple, but ultimately it’s just a matter of taste.

The key point is to be visible, and the unmistakable quality of the color orange makes that possible. Inexpensive orange vests and hats can be found most places, so be sure and make that extra little investment if you plan to be outdoors this hunting season.
You’ll also want to avoid wearing anything with bright streaks of white, which can be mistaken for the tail of a deer.

Stick to the trails
If you’re not hunting, it’s best to stay on common hiking trails away from popular hunting areas. Contacting the wildlife department in your area, asking locals where you plan to visit, or stopping by the local sporting goods store are good ways to attain this information.

Use common sense
This statement is directed towards everyone, and will greatly reduce the number of unnecessary incidents if utilized. If you’re a hunter, brush up on safety techniques and use them religiously, it would also be wise to become knowledgeable in all other areas concerning the use of firearms. For everyone else, be aware of your surroundings at all times and only go out alone if absolutely necessary. And, remember this key phrase: there’s safety in numbers.

Relax, and enjoy nature
If you keep these few elementary things in mind, you’ll help protect yourself and your loved ones from many of the most common accidents that occur during hunting season. And, as always be sober and safe, also keep in mind that it’s illegal to discharge a firearm while intoxicated. So, happy hunting, and we look forward to seeing you in the wild.

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