Wired Mountain – A Guide To Telecommuting In The Mountains

With the global omnipresence of the Internet and the fast rate of it’s evolvement, living and working in the mountains is now a much more realistic option for many. Here are a few ideas to generate income in the vastness of the computer realm.

Writing Online
There are many people/companies that are willing to pay for those with good penmanship to author for them, or to utilize their services other ways. Several good writing suggestions are: Blogs like this one, reviews (music, food, book, etc…), news reporting, news parodies, short stories, poetry, novels, E-books, grant proposals, greeting cards, and technical writing.
If you have a niche in any of these fields and feel you’re good enough with words, you could likely begin a new and exciting career in this ever growing industry. The Purdue OWL is hands down one of the best writing resources available to mankind, and is highly recommended for anyone who who wishes to further their literary knowledge.

Editing Online
The OWL is also indispensable for editing, which is another field in high demand. Many people prefer to craft their own writings, and have editors go through afterwards to check for integrity and fluidity. This generally requires a more broad understanding of the many facets involved in the writing process, yet, can also yield a much more fruitful income. Dedicated study of the OWL will greatly improve your success in these, and any other areas concerned with writing.

Data Entry Online
This is an enormous field, too large to explain here. However, a Google keyword search with the term ‘data entry’ should lead you in the right direction. A few examples of data work are: Outsourcing, transcription, data collectors, typists, proofreaders, and auditors.

Web Design
And last, but certainly not least, this is probably the most sought after service to date, and also too big to describe here. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has an excellent resource available (http://www.w3schools.com/) that offers free training and certification (not free) to motivated individuals in nearly every aspect of this amazing and lucrative field.
So, there you have it, a few legitimate ways to earn $$$ online. Please check back as many more will be posted in future blogs. Good luck in all your endeavors, and happy job hunting.

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