Walk In The Spirit Of The Mountains

There is a subtle yet powerful feeling you get when you enter into these great places, one that even someone trying not to notice can barely resist. But if you open yourself up to it you’ll find it’s surprisingly inviting, yet, so strong it feels as though it can hold you up at times.

There is a supernatural presence here that requires a sense of awe and humility to see, and when you learn to surrender to it a side of life will emerge that cannot be found any other way. Even if you’re in an office or just in the same place day to day, you can feel it. It is a grounding Spirit that connects you in an intimate way with your environment, allowing you to see in ways you might not think possible.

It is this same Spirit that coincidentally flows throughout all life, yet, seems to be magnified in the mountainous regions. There is just some purifying element to these places, a “healing touch”, that inspires the imagination and can bring forth positive changes in the lives of those receptive and yielding to it. And this submission requires little on the part of the recipient, just a humble heart and a willingness to listen to it.

And with the listening comes learning. As you develop your “spidy senses” towards the oneness of nature, your heart will discover how to guide you in infinite and mysterious ways down your path. Learning the delicate intricacies that compose who you are is a tricky business, so be prepared to face what lies inside as this Spirit has a tendency to illuminate all that are exposed to it.

And this light can be found anywhere, trickling down river rocks, gleaming off of a wall of fresh powder you spray as you take a corner on some newly discovered slope, radiating from trees, even in your living room, kitchen, etc… Encapsulated in the magnificence of such things, one can’t help but see the interconnectedness that all things have, and how vital it is to respect that connection with the rest of life that shares it.

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