Mountain Living – Some Pros And Cons

A large amount of literature exists that puts great emphasis on the alluring qualities of the mountain experience, and, as a result the more “negative” aspects are often overlooked. Most everything you do in daily life will naturally have some negative features associated with it, and life in these mystical hills is no exception.

Clear streams from every direction; Majestic, unique Earth formations nestling lush valleys filled with rich aspen groves; a host of recreational activities summer and winter; and there is a small plump man wearing overalls and a pointy hat with a feather sticking out of it, who walks over to the rivers edge and magically creates beers for you and your friends. This is likely the picture many of you paint in your minds when you think of the mountains, but what about the negative? Is there any?

There are far less anxieties associated with your average “weekend getaway” then when you settle here for extended periods, so the following statements will directed towards newfound “mountain folk”, but nonetheless, still apply to thrill seekers and vacationers alike.

Firstly, beer. As mentioned before, and as we all know, alcohol is a major factor when dealing with outdoor recreation. Tourism attracts a great deal of people from all walks of life who want to explore and relax in this great wild, yet alcohol can quickly ruin even the best of vacations. So, please drink in moderation and always use common sense. Be aware of your surroundings and make sure there is someone sober when there are children present and when driving, especially both.

All this talk about beer makes one think of social networks, which is coincidentally the next subject. Because of geographic factors the mountains can be quite isolating in comparison to “big city flatland life”, especially in the winter. So prepare to make friends quickly, and utilize social networks to keep a healthy line of communication between you and the outside world. The mountains draw people together, and you’ll find here a close knit family of individuals who have evolved with time, adopting tools and techniques to aid in successful mountain living. And that bond will likely strengthen as time and technology progress.

Welcome home, we look forward to knowing you and sharing in the spirit and uniqueness that these beautiful mountains instill in all.

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