Skiers Discuss Lifestyle Versus Standard Of Living

After staring into a blank computer screen for way too long, I finally realized that any original thoughts about the mountain lifestyle today … were probably not coming from me. Thankfully, one of my goals here is to share with you the many different perspectives from people who have chosen the mountains as a place to live.

I found Life Style v Standard of Living back in April on, “The Northeast Guide to Mountain Adventure” which is a great website to check out for information about the New England mountain areas.

This is how the discussion began …

“Every skier/rider always says they would love to live in a ski town, but they don’t know how they’d make a living. Except you locals of course.”

All our households take home X amount of dollars. What percent less, if any, would you be willing to make if you could have a job you like, in a ski town of your choice and the job let you ski 3 or 4 times

Moving to small mountain town is a lifestyle choice, and I would have to agree with some of the Vermont locals in this discussion … there is more to consider when contemplating ski town living … beyond skiing.

When it comes to choosing a place to live, I’m with this guy …

I’ll take my pay cut and I’ll take almost no street lights, lots of trees, no traffic, more pleasant people, open space, fresh air, proximity to the mountains, and sense of community. Worth every lost penny…

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