What’s So Great About A Resort Town Job, And Why Post A Career Profile To Find One?

Maybe you are living in a city seeking more of a work-life balance, or you’ve been, “ski bumming” a few seasons and are now looking for a full-time job. A resort town offers a unique mix of culture, jobs and of course … the best of the great outdoors.

How many places can an Accountant (for example) wake up on a Monday morning, work a full day, take a mountain bike ride, and head out to see Buddy Guy (an upcoming performance at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts ) all in the same day? For the masses, the appeal of a mountain town is purely to enjoy a one week visit, but for a small, significant group of people out there, it’s a way of life.

Some of you are just looking for a change, and others have lived in the mountains before and are looking for a way back. Let employers know you are out there.

The anonymous career profile … I can tell you that there are some good professional opportunities in the different resort communities that may never hit the newspaper or any online job board. Some employers would just prefer to search for resumes. Posting your career profile on MountainJobs.com will allow you to put your feelers out there without revealing your contact information. You post a profile, an employer contacts you through the system with an opportunity, you find it interesting, reveal your contact information, and voilà … the connection is made.

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