Staying Warm with Soft Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere is a delicate fabric that comes from the hair of special goats. The goats are rare, and they are native to a small number of countries. Goats that produce cashmere are specifically known as cashmere goats. The rarity of the fabric has led to the naming of the Cashmere Goat. Asia is the largest exporter of the material, but the finest cashmere is produced in Europe. Scotland manufactures some of the softest cashmere in the world.

Many clothing items can be made from cashmere. Scarves, hats, gloves and sweaters can all be made from the delicate fabric. The Cashmere Goats’ soft undercoat is only collected once a year to be processed into yarn to make clothing items. The undercoat is combed from the goal in the spring months. The fabric is soft and the material is durable. In order to maintain the quality of cashmere clothing, the cleaning instructions on the label must be carefully followed. There are several different types of cashmere clothing. The best luxury clothing items are made from 100% cashmere.

The finest cashmere sweaters are made from the long and thin white hair on the goat’s belly. Lower quality cashmere is made from the short coarse hair on the goat. The lowest quality cashmere is made from the short coarse hair and blended with rabbit fur. Asia exports their softest cashmere materials to Scotland.

This soft fabric can be divided into four categories. Raw fibers are hairs that have been removed from the goat without undergoing processing. Processed fibers have been washed and are ready for knitting or weaving. Virgin fibers are being made into clothing items for the first time. Recycled fibers have previously been woven into clothing items, and they areĀ  prepared for reuse.

Sweaters are great to wear in cool weather. Cashmere sweaters are luxury clothing items and they are made in several different styles that look great with a shirt or worn by themselves. Most sweaters look good with casual clothes. Crewneck sweaters are always stylish over a favorite shirt which cardigan sweaters are a fine accessory for a shirt that needs sleeves. Turtleneck sweaters are especially good for keeping warm on cold days. Cable cord sweaters are an example of decorative sweaters with a simple design.

The cashmere fabric should be hand washed with a gentle detergent. Cashmere clothing items should be hung to dry. The material should never be stretched out or exposed to extremely hot temperatures. Stretching or drying the material in extremely hot temperatures can damage the fabric.

Advances in technology have made it possible to adorn cashmere clothing with decorations, designs and unique patterns. This was not possible when the clothing was sewn by hand. Manufactures have tried to replicate the softness of the fabric, but they have been unable to duplicate the superior material. Every piece of the luxury fabric is carefully constructed into soft luxurious clothing items. Cashmere clothing is considered a luxury, and it should be cared for properly to remain in good condition. Despite its fine qualities, cashmere is not rare and many retailers sell quality clothing items made from the high quality soft fabric.

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