Injured at Work: Four People You Need To Contact About Your Injury And Why

4 People To Contact When Injured At Work

The number of injuries that occur on the job is far greater than that reported by government statistics. This is due to two main reasons, the person does not report it, the person has been talked into not reporting it. It is extremely important to report all work-related injuries as soon as they occur. Here are four important people you need to contact about a work-related injury:

Call 911

If the injury is serious, contact 911 immediately. Do not try to finish out the shift if you are experiencing severe pain anywhere in the body. Pain is your body’s way of asking for help, and continuing to work could worsen the injury or cause a worse one to happen. You do not need your supervisor’s permission to call 911.

Your Supervisor

Immediately report your injury to your supervisor. He or she should follow the company’s policies and state laws to help you seek treatment. Fill out an accident report and list everything that hurts, even if you think it is not important. There are injuries that do not show up right away or always pain immediately. If you do not report it, you may not be covered under workman’s comp or disability insurance. The laws of your state should tell you how long you have to report the injury, but the best rule is to report it when it happens and fill out an accident report. Keep a copy for yourself as proof in a safe place.

Workman’s Comp

Report the injury to a workman’s comp representative as soon as you learn you will be out of work. The faster the agency can get to work on your claim, the better off you will be. Get all of your paperwork filled out completely and turned in to the representative as quickly as possible. Waiting can make it appear that you are creating a false claim to get out of work.

An Attorney

If the insurance company, your supervisor or workman’s comp is denying your claim, refusing treatment or your employment is being threatened, you need extra help, suggests a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis. Attorneys at can give you advice on dealing with your employer, insurance company and workman’s comp claims. He or she could also help you pursue compensation according to your case.

Knowing your rights about reporting workplace injuries, workman’s comp, insurance coverage and short or long-term disability pay is your responsibility. Make certain that you contact the right people to take care of all the details involving your injury.

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