The Smart Snowboard is Here

Much has changed since the snowboard was originally introduced in the mid-70s. 

A new life style developed and the winter sports were changed for good. But the snowboard stayed the pretty much same. Materials improved significantly but the basic concept and the way the training is conducted stayed the same.

For nearly half a century, the only way for snowboarders to improve upon their skills was to study other more experienced and prolific riders, and attempt to replicate the moves on their own.  Through endless hours of, practice, and failure, a rider can eventually nail a flawless performance, but the pathway to success is muddled with a long chain of tiny details, insider tips and tricks, and unquantifiable adjustments that are difficult to explain or impossible to identify. 

The time has come for a change. You will now be able to fast-track your path to performance. We are developing the first high-tech gadget that will transform any regular snowboard into a smart snowboard.

SG20 is a high-tech device designed to model every move, every adjustment, and every angle of your snowboard 15 times per second, and deliver high resolution graphics and details on what you’re doing well and what you need to improve.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate rider, the SG20 can serve as a digital instructor, helping you make adjustments and improvements on the fly. You can use it to learn from your friends, or even learn new tricks directly from celebrity snowboarders around the world

We are creating a digital community of snowboard riders. Proficient riders will be designated by vote and top-ranking riders will be able to contribute to our advanced riding skills library. And guess what … if you are really good and many riders want to learn your riding style, you can get paid for you contribution.

We have something in store for the advanced riders as well.

If you are an advanced rider you can compete with others like you, and use the SG20 as a referee. You can compete with your friends on the mountain, but you can also compete with anybody from around the world who is using the SG20.

The SG20 riding community will be connected to social media. You will be able to learn new tricks form the pros, share your skills with anybody interested in learning your riding style, and challenge anyone to a riding contest anywhere across the globe.

Similar to an interactive computer game but based in reality and played for real in the snow, the SG20 allows you the opportunity to play in real-time against real riders. No CGI or artificial intelligence needed, just you, the snow, your board, and the SG20 to bring you all the action.

As you advance in the ranks, you will accumulate more points and rise in the ranking system.  Rank high enough, and other riders will want to learn your style.  The more riders who want to learn your style, the faster you become a pro, and when you become a pro, you get paid by the SG20 system in cash, not points

The SG20 system will share live data regarding snow and slopes condition based on riding characteristics and provide all gathered data on a virtual map. For example, any time a rider hits a hidden patch of ice or dirt, the SG20 will lock the coordinates, plot the spot on the virtual map, and send alerts to all riders using our app. Riders who venture into an unsafe area will be sent an instant warning to their smartwatch or SG20 bracelet. The warning system will also alert if there is a traffic jam or other obstacle ahead beyond view.  Safety is a priority for the SG20 community.

With an anticipated launch of December of 2019, the SG20 team is making final adjustments to this new high-tech gadget.  We are finalizing the design and adding capabilities before heading off to production.

The SG20 team needs your feedback. We are reaching out to the snowboarding community to help us uncover improvements that can be made and features that should be added before we move on to the final design.

Click on the link below! Be part of the community developing this revolutionary snowboarding gadget and help us make history.

Members will be able to buy the SG20 at half price.

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