Wired Mountain 2: Sequel to Telecommuting in the Mountains

Working from home affords many conveniences, and with fewer resources and space available in the mountains, Internet jobs are a logical choice in supplementing or replacing your income entirely. There are many avenues one could take to earn a reputable living online, some were given in part 1, and I just felt compelled to share another one you may or may not be aware of, cheers.

Graphics Design
This fits nicely within the category of web design, yet is still within a class of its own, and has many unique applications outside of this. And, as with nearly anything else, you can find info, training and certification online for graphic design, or you can take college courses for graphics via the Internet.

A few high demand applications for graphics design currently are (and likely always will be):
•    Book illustration (self explanatory)
•    Creating websites and web content (images, logos, effects, etc… for individuals and businesses)
•    Photography/Image manipulation (freelance photography for newspapers, business advertisement, magazines, websites, blog posts, etc… Image manipulation uses uses advanced software to resize and alter photographs for more flexibility in their applications and aesthetics.
•     3D modeling and animation (create 3D models for use in animated movies or video games, or go all out and make the whole movie set yourself).

These can all be stand alone applications, or they can be interwoven. There’s no limit to what can be done in this field to an individual with the proper organization/motivation, and money is no object since nearly every sophisticated software for graphics processing now has an ‘open source’ counterpart that can easily be found and downloaded via the Internet.
Most successful businesses today can likely attribute that success (or at least a good part of it) to having a professional graphics set (and layout) to promote their company. And, a lot of people are still unaware that hiring a professional to ‘tune up’ their presentation could help them draw customers and therefore increase sales.

The Road Ahead  
In light of this one can assume that there is great opportunity for entrepreneurs of this field. Tracking down clients will take a bit of foot work and sales, but in the end can produce impressive fruit for those who are dedicated. It’s also advisable to create a nice portfolio, if you haven’t already…

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