Making A Living In A Ski Town

I was reminded today of the fact that we are all a little clueless when it comes to stepping outside of our own comfort zones.. Check out the article Yes, we are all tourons , from High Country News

The tourist with the bewildered, crinkled forehead look asking “What do you do here?”, and “How do people make a living?” are questions that I have answered on a regular basis since moving to Jackson 10 years ago. The truth is that I am sure visitors wonder how and why locals do anything beyond playing in their beautiful mountain playgrounds. Good point, but I can attest to the fact that many of us definitely do a whole lot more.

Just to give you some ideas of what some local residents actually do for employment in the resort towns besides work at an actual resort; You will find jobs for Bankers, Accountants, Architects, Designers, Financial Advisors, Graphic Artists, Computer Programmers, Teachers, Writers, Doctors, Lawyers, Non Profit Directors, Administrative Assistants, Marketing/Advertising/PR/Sales Professionals, Web Designers, Contractors, Painters, Biologists, Engineers, and the list goes on…

Anyway, I think you get my point. Resort communities are filled with talented local professionals who live very full lives beyond their daily alpine adventures.

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