The Mountain Job Search – Seasonal And Full-time Careers In A Ski Town

For recent college grads not quite ready to settle down or professionals seeking a break from their full-time careers, ski town living for a season (at least it starts that way) has always been a popular option. For others, it’s a complete lifestyle change they’re after …the desire to move to a small mountain town while keeping their career intact. The good news for anyone considering either option, the job market up here is hot!

If you’re in it for just the season, you are most likely looking to experience the great outdoors. Working at the actual mountain resort is always a good option as you will be as close to the trails as you can get. Hotel, resort, restaurant, construction, landscaping, and gardening jobs are all great seasonal options to explore as well, and there are certainly plenty of them available. Plan on spending as much time out-of-doors as you possibly can.

If it is more of a permanent home you are searching for, spend some time figuring out what your optimal work situation might be. If your current career path is not looking look like it will be a viable option in a small town, think about the skills you currently have that are transferable, and even more important, what do actually enjoy doing? Do you thrive in a 9-5 setting, prefer a flexible schedule? Would you consider night or weekend hours? Do you like quiet, lively, structured, casual, professional, or corporate cultures? Sitting at a desk or up on your feet?

Try not to take the first job you can get just because you think you have found your dream town, and it does not matter where you work. That kind of feeling will last you for just about a minute. You don’t want to be daydreaming, bitter that you are not floating the river in the summer or skiing during the winter while you are at your full-time job. Trust me on this one. Spend some time on your job search. This will benefit you as well as your future employer. Finding the right job will also make your time outside of work way more fun which is most likely why you are moving to the mountains in the first place.

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