Working at a Ski Resort

ski resortWorking at a ski resort can be a well paying summer job or an ideal way to perfect your snowboarding or skiing skills. Many mountain ski resorts are open all year long, with each season bringing new and exciting things to do.  And being an employee (usually) gets you a significant discount, if not a free pass, to many of the resorts activities.

Ski resorts need ski and snowboard instructors, slope maintenance workers, retail shop staff, cooks, waiters…and the list goes on. You are sure to find something you enjoy. If you have a special skill or a love for the outdoors then look into working for a resort. You may not think your skill set could apply to a ski resort, but “don’t knock it before you try it”, or in this case apply for it before you discount it. For example, if waiting is one of your skills or something you are interested in then consider applying to a ski resort. Many times resorts will have banquette halls where they host a number of different parties and banquettes, from small to large, and these types of events pay quite well. You may have to work late hours, but you can work a few days a week and still pay the bills. Plus, you will have abundant spare time to play on the mountain.

Working at a ski resort can be fun and it definitely has its benefits. You’re sure to meet people from all over the country, if not world, and making friends will be easy. The best part is you can work during all the different seasons, and spend your free time doing the things you love throughout your favorite season.

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