Live to Ski

live to ski“Live to ski” sounds like a bumper sticker, but it could be a reality. In a town such as Jackson Hole, WY you will run into locals disguised as tour guides, waiters, ranch hands, retail workers, even some lawyers, engineers, and architects. But ask them what they do and they will tell you they ski. Their job is just that, a job, their love for the snow, outdoors and winter sports is what defines them.  Some might call them ski bums, but no matter what you call them it’s their carefree attitude that most people envy.

If you are considering this path, you don’t need to be a professional skier or snowboarder to enjoy the benefits of endless days of skiing. Many local employers will offer special rates for season or day passes.  If they don’t, ask the resort about a locals’ discount, but be ready to show ID. Even if you are just living there for the ski season sometimes a library card will count as ID.  Another tip is to make friends.  In small ski towns, like Jackson Hole, everybody knows everybody and everyone has a different connection, be it for skiing, horseback riding, restaurants, golfing, rafting… (the list goes on). There are endless possibilities that let you be easy on your pocketbook, yet still live the high life.

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